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Anyone got the Styline Bosch kettle variable temps please

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CambsAlways · 17/08/2022 16:09

Basically that! Fed up of our kettles lasting 11 months, we live in hard water area, despite me descaling regularly , I came across a couple of these kettles one is 1.5 litres the other 1.7 both with variable heat settings, there’s fiver difference between the two, one has buttons the other a slider, Can anyone give me advise if they have bought and what they think, (don’t want any other kettle) very much appreciated

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OldTinHat · 17/08/2022 16:23

Absolutely no use whatsoever, but why don't they last long? I'm in the SE in a very hard water area and my last kettle lasted 17yrs. I only got rid of it because it was a white plastic effort that had turned yellow and looked awful. Worked fine though. I've bought a B&M metal one for £16 as a replacement. Also fine so far.


BabyNo11989 · 17/08/2022 17:14

I have one…didn’t ever use the different temps when living alone, now use the different temps for DH coffee and to warm up breast milk and love it! So guess it depends on if these features will be useful. Was previously in a hard water area for about 6 years and had it going on 8 years now and still working well. Hope this helps! X


CambsAlways · 17/08/2022 17:35

Goodness knows why they don’t last long, I look after them descale them , I’ve never heard of a kettle lasting 17 years if only! Thanks Babyno11 there are four of us so kettle is always on three working from home, I think these features will be useful without a doubt .

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