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Semi-professional steam-generator iron recommendations needed, please!

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Ironknickal · 27/07/2022 18:34

Evening all. I have to do masses and masses of ironing (holiday lets) and have spent about three days Googling "best steam-generator iron", but I'm not really getting anywhere. Does anyone love their iron so much that they want tell me about it? I've had three cheap ones (courtesy of Lidl/Aldi), but they are crap. Budget is up to £300-ish, though I have not ruled out some more expensive ones (if they are worth paying the extra, I'd be willing to pay it - anything to cut down on the time spend doing laundry)...

OP posts:
Robinonaspade · 16/08/2022 12:01

PerfectCare Elite

Steam generator iron GC9630/20

We have the above iron. It was expensive but bought it as a replacement for an earlier model that lasted 14 years. Really cuts down on the ironing time.
Very pleased with it.

Robinonaspade · 16/08/2022 12:02

It's a Philips iron!

Fenella123 · 22/08/2022 23:51

Reviving this slightly aging thread because I've been gazing helplessly at refurbished steam generator irons on eBay.
Current iron is something bought, I think, before the internet (probably Argos' cheapest).
Am now older and fatter and so "smart" and "elegant" have to make up for "young" and "slim" BUT I am at least retired so I have time maybe ten minutes a week to iron stuff but the easier it can be, the better...

silentpool · 27/08/2022 07:42

I have a Polti Vaporella which I bought refurbished on eBay. I'm pretty happy with it.

Noideawhattowritehere · 27/08/2022 07:56

NOT the Morphy Richards. The ironing bit is fine, but it needs the water refilling even when it's still a third full, demands descaling all the time even though we live in a soft water area and descaling involves tools to open it, shaking the heavy base upside down over the sink and is about as un-user-friendly as it gets.

TheSandwoman · 27/08/2022 07:58

Stop ironing and buy yourself a steamer. You will never look back, especially if doing such quantities. Google Propress. Smile

lll3333 · 27/08/2022 08:08

Phillips Perfect care. Steams the bastard out of anything.

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