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If you can be bothered I'd like washing machine recommendations

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AllTheMonacles · 08/06/2022 09:51

Desperately need a new machine and keep falling down rabbit holes of reviews and procrastinating.
I'm looking for energy efficient, a 9kg + capacity and won't buy from Hotpoint or associated brands.


We can see this thread is a little old now so some of the suggestions may be outdated, but if you’ve landed here looking for recommendations, we’ve recently updated our best washing machine page with lots of great options as rated by Mumsnet users. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
CatherinedeBourgh · 08/06/2022 18:12

LG. I've had miele in the past and the LG is just as good and half the price.

AllTheMonacles · 08/06/2022 20:29

Thanks for your review! I was sceptical about the use of Miele branded detergent anyway but I think you've made my mind up.

Thanks for all the recommendations!

I'm still undecided but have discovered Ebac who I've never heard of before but do hot fill washing machines and a long guarantee. My first machine was a hot fill one and was brilliant so am very tempted.

OP posts:
MyHusbandTheIdiot · 08/06/2022 20:34

We have a Bosch Serie 6 machine, it’s excellent. Dead pleased with it - it has an auto dosing feature too but very easy to turn on and off and no need to use special brand specific detergent. I alternate that and daz powder depending what I’m washing.

Also highly recommend the serie 6 heat pump dryers

Balanced12 · 08/06/2022 20:36

I'm on my second Samsung eco bubble, love it! The matching dryer less so

Lottakids23 · 08/06/2022 20:39

Bosch. No issues . Live in hard water area. Up to six washes a day for last 3 years

Samanabanana · 08/06/2022 20:42

I have a miele washing machine and it's the worst washing machine I've ever had!

AllTheMonacles · 08/06/2022 21:12

Do the heat pump dryers cost much to run? Our current machine is a Bosch I have to say it's been great.

@Samanabanana why don't you rate the Miele?

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 08/06/2022 21:25

Really happy with my 7yr old AEG, although I think they are a lot more expensive in UK, probably wouldn't have said it was worth a premium price.

I've recently got a beko dryer and really pleased with that too so definitely think the brand is good price to performance ratio.

Be careful about the reviews unless you're actually looking at something like Which where they test the energy used. People often assume a machine is using more energy if it's on longer for example which isn't usually the case.

BertieBotts · 08/06/2022 21:26

Heat pump dryers are the cheapest kind to run.

whirlyhead · 08/06/2022 21:28

20 year old Miele here, cost a fortune but it has been worth every penny. I’m not sure the new models are as good as the old ones though.

BertieBotts · 08/06/2022 21:28

Oh, but they are no use if you have it in a garage, you need a normal condenser in that case.

MrJi · 08/06/2022 21:30

My Miele still working well after 15 years of mostly daily use.

A580Hojas · 08/06/2022 21:31

Just not Bosch. I'm quite old and I've owned probably 7 washing machines in my adult life. The Bosch was the worst by miles.

BroccliSpears · 08/06/2022 21:34

Another happy Miele owner here. I've had mine 20 years.

Littlemissprosecco · 08/06/2022 21:38

We have the new 10kg 1600 spin Bosch. Love it, love it love it! Can get a whole king sized bedding in, sheets duvet pillows everything in in one go, then spins to almost dry. Absolutely love it!

MuchTooTired · 08/06/2022 21:45

I have an LG washing machine, bought after my hoover one blew up at around 9 months old. I love it! It does have wifi and all that, but I’m too lazy to connect it up and it washes perfectly well as it is. It sings when it switches on, and when it’s finished the wash.

AllTheMonacles · 08/06/2022 21:55

@BertieBotts why won't the heat pump dryer work in a garage?
My parents have a few beko appliances and really rate them.

@A580Hojas I'm trying to guess your age based on washing machines! I've only had two.One a Bosch which I found really good. What didn't you like about yours?

OP posts:
JuneOsborne · 09/06/2022 06:51

Hang on @AllTheMonacles, you've found a hot fill machine??? I was so sad when one of my machines died and I couldn't replace it with a hot fill one! Get that one!

Courante · 09/06/2022 08:13

I would also recommend a Miele.
We ended up getting a pretty basic model due to space restrictions due to stacking system with tumble dryer and our fitted kitchen and I'm pleased we did now. I wanted one with the twindos system but couldn't have it - very pleased about that now!

gingergiraffe · 09/06/2022 09:04

My wonderful Miele packed up a few weeks ago after over 14 years with no problems. An engineer tried to repair but the motor died and he said it was not economical to repair. I now have a Miele power wash which is brilliant, 8 kg load. From If you order from there and find, as I did that delivery will be a couple of weeks, just keep checking as they get deliveries to their depot regularly and mine came in just a few days. I avoided paying a delivery charge and it actually came on Easter Sunday.

JuneJubilee · 09/06/2022 09:18

hagelslaagfiend · 08/06/2022 11:12

Miele. I'd like a new one but the ten year old one refuses to die!

Why would you like a new one??

I'd look after yours! They don't make them like they used to!!

JuneJubilee · 09/06/2022 09:21

gluenotsoup · 08/06/2022 16:25

reliable, quiet, 10kg drum. Love it

Mine too!!

I'll need to buy a new machine when I do the kitchen as I want integrated & they don't do the same ones as integrated <sob>

I think I'll just pop it in the gap without the door until it eventually dies & only buy integrated then.

thesunwillout · 09/06/2022 09:25

Whatever you choose, have a look on the Boots appliances site.
Not sure if they do washing machines but I got my cooker from there because of the Boots points!

bettbburg · 09/06/2022 09:27

JuneOsborne · 08/06/2022 16:25

I've been through loads of washing machines (because my DH does a filthy job and leaves ginormous screws in his pockets that eventually kill all machines). I've bought a beko because I can't face paying big bucks for a machine (see above!). It's the best machine I've ever had!

You can change the temperature and spin on every single setting. And it doesn't beep at me when it's finished (I'd never have a beeping Bosch ever again).

I went for the biggest drum. Think it was about £350. I'll tell you in 2 years if it survives my husband's abuse....

We have a beko and it's a pile of shit

user1497787065 · 09/06/2022 09:31

I have a Siemens which I replaced a 15 year old Miele with. Really happy with it. It does a good mixed fabric load at 40 degrees in 63 minutes
For me that is one of the most important features.

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