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How can I get vomit stains out of my carpet?

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Falcon1 · 29/12/2021 09:42

My DD was violently sick last night and there is sick all over the carpet. I did my best (in the middle of the night) to clean it up. Removed all the excess and then dabbed it with vanish carpet stain remover. But this morning it looks just as bad as it did last night and it's a HUGE stain! Any tips gratefully received.

OP posts:
LadyOfTheFlowers · 29/12/2021 09:47

What was thrown up?
Pepsi? Beetroot? I know it's gross but it might help work out what will remove the stain. What colour is the carpet?

ivykaty44 · 29/12/2021 10:00

water and blotting
more water and blotting
more water and blotting

blot with an old towel and use cold water not hot

if you start putting substances on the stained carpet - it will attract more dirt as you can never rinse it out of the carpet

if after several days of blotting you still need to use substances - then use at this point but you'll get away with using much less substance and have less of a problem afterwards

Falcon1 · 29/12/2021 10:04

@LadyOfTheFlowers The vomit was brown with bits of her lunch (beans). The carpet is beige. The stain is still very brown.

@ivykaty44 I used hot water last night - didn't know it should have been cold. Damn!

OP posts:
PeeAche · 29/12/2021 10:10

Agree with the above poster - water, water, water. Sun helps too. After a few days, you can introduce stuff but start with bicarbonate or washing powder. Either works in much the same way (but washing powder sometimes contains blue beads, so watch out). Add a little water to make a coarse paste and blot it in. I've never bothered with posh carpet stain removers. Washing powder has always been my go-to.

Be patient and work on it every day with water and then one of the above, after 3 or 4 days. Results won't happen immediately.

If all else fails, you'll just have to rub beans into the rest of the carpet for consistency. 💁🏻‍♀️😅

Falcon1 · 29/12/2021 10:22

Thanks @PeeAche. Will try bicarbonate and water. Although tempted just to buy a rug!

OP posts:
canichange · 29/12/2021 10:27

I have been amazed by how many different types of stain I've been able to remove with normal washing up liquid. Also, does anyone you know have a carpet/upholstery cleaner? I've got one and I just soak the stain with water and then suck out the stain with the dirty water. Helps if the stain hasn't 'set' yet.

ivykaty44 · 29/12/2021 10:37

used hot water last night - didn't know it should have been cold. Damn!

always remember - never cook a stain in with hot water if its food related

it may e ok but keep using water and blotting with towels for a few days a couple of times a day

Starcaller · 29/12/2021 10:38

Dr Beckermanns removes all manner of sins!

Starcaller · 29/12/2021 10:40

Also DD was sick on our carpet a couple of weeks ago (also with beans Envy) and HG extra strong stain remover got it all out.

Falcon1 · 29/12/2021 10:42

Never heard of HG @Starcaller. Might give that a go if the mopping with water doesn't work.

OP posts:
PeeAche · 29/12/2021 11:48

@Falcon1 the hot water probably hasn't done any (extra) damage. Cold water ideally, but it can't have been that hot if you were dunking your hands into it. So don't worry. I doubt you've made it any worse or "set" the stain.

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