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Washer dryers.... do you have one that you would recommend?

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crumpledlinens · 17/12/2020 17:57

We moved to a small house last year, and only have a washing machine –no space for a tumble dryer. We've been drying things on a pulley over the stairs, which is fine in summer, but is now causing serious condensation problems. (Plus, laundry can take days to actually dry - we live in a very wet part of the country.)

A washer-dryer sounds like the answers to our prayers, but people seem to have such mixed experiences of them. Would love some tips re: good models! I'm thinking

OP posts:
HennyLenry · 17/12/2020 22:11

Don’t do it.

Please! I wish we had listened to this 2 years ago. We now have seperate machines as the washer drier has died. It’s too much strain on one machine, plus unless you only want to dry about 4 small items it won’t dry anything properly. Takes a whole day to get through one load. Please don’t do it.

Lucindainthesky · 17/12/2020 22:15

We had a brand new washer dryer in a rented property and ended up buying a separate dryer because it was so rubbish. It doesn't dry your clothes like a tumble dryer - they just come out really really hot but still damp.

20mum · 17/12/2020 22:24

Mine is all singing all dancing but in fact because it has a 16000 speed of spin, things dry really fast just on a folding rack/ over the shower door overnight etc. so it is never necessary to use the dryer. It is big 9 kilo enough to hold a duvet and has a 20 minute wash cycle among options. There's even a steam programme. I'm really not living up to it!

MobLife · 17/12/2020 22:29

I love our washer dryer! It's an AEG and it's truly superb-wouldn't got back to having a separate dryer taking up space!

TheYearOfSmallThings · 17/12/2020 22:31

Don't do it. They don't dry properly, so you just overpay for a washing machine which is more likely to malfunction.

fleapriest · 17/12/2020 22:36

No no no, we bought a new one when moving house. (Wasn't a cheap model)
I lasted a month before buying a separate dryer.

spaceghetto · 17/12/2020 22:48

I hated my washer dryer! We have a small house and didnt have room for both as we had no where to put the air valve. Dh moved our fridge around and we've managed to squeeze in a condenser.... best thing i have ever bought!

OutComeTheWolves · 17/12/2020 22:59

I have an indesit and it's totally crap so don't buy one of those. The poster who said you just end up with hot damp clothes had it right!

Frenchdressing · 17/12/2020 23:03

Do you have an out building/garage? I put my drier there. Not ideal but better than nothing.

JellyBellies · 17/12/2020 23:03

I have an AEG too and it is brilliant. I bing it in 2016 and it is still going strong. I recommend getting after care with it. We had to have it fixed twice which was covered by the aftercare.

The clothes will dry well. Read the manual and only fill the drum up to the capacity of the dry cycle.

Ghouliet · 17/12/2020 23:12

I have a Hoover washer dryer and it’s fab. It’s the 10kg size for washing. A low heat dry takes almost 3hours but it’s dry when finished.

crumpledlinens · 18/12/2020 10:32

Ha ha - very mixed experiences! @MobLife, @JellyBellies & @ghouliet I would LOVE to know what models you have. Based on the above, I think I'll go with one that has solid references.

@Frenchdressing, alas no. We have no garden or outdoor space. We live in a small village where all the houses are old and higgledy piggledy and piled up on top of each other, so space is at a premium!

Thanks for warnings all. I guess I just can't face another winter of mildewed clothes that don't dry, ever

OP posts:
JellyBellies · 18/12/2020 10:45

@crumpledlinens this one from currys
AEG - L76685NWD Washer Dryer - White

Eeyorehoney · 18/12/2020 10:49

We have a brand new one (rented house) and it takes an age for a single load to wash and dry, there is no way to open to drum to remove any items that need washing but can’t be machine dried, and when they do come out (barely dry) they smell a bit machine-y if that makes sense - not lovely and fabric softener-y like they do line dried/ tumble dried

Koalaismyspiritanimal · 18/12/2020 10:59

I also have an AEG and it is good. Wash and dry a 5kg load in about 2 1/2 hours if quick wash.

crumpledlinens · 18/12/2020 11:58

@JellyBellies - thank you so much!

and @Koalaismyspiritanimal - if possible could you share the model?

great to have these recommendations so I can compare & make a good choice.

thanks all for your help, really appreciate it.

OP posts:
GrubbsGrady · 18/12/2020 12:10

Dont do it! Stick a condenser dryer in any free corner you have or get a dehumidifier but avoid the washer dryers like the plague

Ghouliet · 18/12/2020 23:12

Hoover silent inverter. 10+6kg. Dynamic Next. AAA rating. It’s a one touch type. I’ve had it 2 years and it’s been fab.

MobLife · 19/12/2020 15:02

Afraid I have no clue of the model! It's about 5 years old now so there will be more up to date versions available

Gertrudetheadelie · 19/12/2020 15:11

Not all washer dryers are bad! I love ours and rely on it with a potty training toddler! Our miele has been going since 2011 and leaves things nice and dry just like a proper tumble dryer. They are expensive though but I'm not sure if the second hand market exists?

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