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Applejack87 · 05/10/2020 06:59

Hi, does it really pay off to invest in a good kettle ? I bought a John Lewis own brand one a couple of weeks ago & while I empty the water out when not in use it's already building up with scale inside and around the spout

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DaffodilsAndDandelions · 05/10/2020 07:13

Not sure about expensive kettles but the ones with the Brita filters are great. We have the Russell Hobbs one. Takes a bit of getters my used to. Remember to fill it back up after making your drink as it takes a while to filter the water thru. No scale and the filters last at least 3x as long as the timer reckons. We have very hard water, I was having to descale my old Kettle weekly


NettySays · 05/10/2020 17:21

I'm not sure spending more on a kettle will stop it scaling up, that's more to do with the hardness of the water. What a more expensive kettle might but you is a better filter at the spout to stop the scale being poured into your cup.


Darklane · 05/10/2020 20:57

Recently bought a Dualit. It’s brilliant AND made in U.K. where most that are advertised are made in China when you look into it.

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