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Cleaning laminate floors.

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TillITookAnArrowToTheKnee · 12/10/2015 15:51

Whats the best thing to clean them with? I hate bleach. Flash/Cif floor cleaner leaves it feeling sticky.Confused

OP posts:
xaneesx · 12/10/2015 15:53

The best thing i would advise is a steam mop works a treat for me :)

rabbit123 · 12/10/2015 16:01

I just use washing up liquid, very hot water and a very tightly wrung out mop

Fluffycloudland77 · 12/10/2015 22:01

How about an E Cloth mop?.

DanglyEarrings · 12/10/2015 22:41

You need a ph neutral product, as a cleaning company we use a product called 'sals suds' it's not cheap but a little goes a long way so lasts a long time and it will not harm your surfeces like acid based or alkali based products will.

wowfudge · 13/10/2015 13:25

You possibly need to use less of whatever the cleaning product is and very hot water. That's all I've done to clean hard floors and they've never been sticky.

Pointlessfan · 13/10/2015 13:27

We use a steam mop on a lower setting. For the odd spill we wipe it then use soapy water to clean it.

Wolfiefan · 13/10/2015 13:27

I thought steam mops weren't recommended on laminate.
Well diluted floor cleaner or a clean water rinse.

Pointlessfan · 13/10/2015 13:32

I don't think they are which is why I use a low heat setting. Maybe test a discreet area first.

peggyundercrackers · 13/10/2015 13:38

as someone else said if your floor is being left sticky sounds like your using too much product, ive never been left with sticky floors when ive mopped them.

HopeClearwater · 14/10/2015 16:54

I use the flat head mop thing from Lakeland, blue head for wet, white for dusting first, and a tiny spray of Method floor cleaner. Nothing is sticky.

Whatdoiknow31 · 18/10/2015 10:21

We use a e cloth on ours with just water, but after a while it was getting like a film on it (it's a dark floor). So bought HG laminate floor cleaner and shine from Amazon and its transformed it.

You just dilute it in a bucket of water, wring your e cloth floor mop out in it and of you go - beautiful shiny floor, which is not slippy.

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