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Curtains - where to look?

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beela · 03/02/2021 06:54

Where do you get your ready made curtains from?

I can't see anything I like on the John Lewis website, and the dunelm curtains we've had in the past have been a bit rubbish.

I'd love to get some made but the fabrics I really like are £100+ per metre so I suspect that will break the bank.

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burritofan · 03/02/2021 06:59

Are you looking for floor-length? La Redoute and West Elm do extra-long ones, often blackout and velvet; so does IKEA. H&M Home often have good velvet ones (I dyed mine in the machine). Zara Home and French Connection home for wafty linen.

All can be gussied up with cheap lining fabric from Terry’s Fabrics and hand pleated, or IKEA does easy-peasy no-sew pinch pleat hooks.

Curtains and blinds 2 go-type websites often work out not too spendy for plain velvets; I’ve never used them but I did get samples and a bay window with floor length curtains and lining was around £400.

beela · 03/02/2021 07:30

Some great suggestions, thank you! I don't know why I hadn't found the curtains 2 go one before Confused but that looks hopeful Smile

OP posts:
Proudboomer · 03/02/2021 09:17

I use terrrys fabric.
Even their made to measure is affordable.

desperatehousewife21 · 03/02/2021 15:20

Wayfair is quite good, been eyeing up a pair for the front room but are out of stock for the size I want Sad

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