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Advice needed pls - Siam Water Park - Tenerife

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87SPD · 04/01/2024 23:05

Hi there,

Already sick of the gloomy weather and decided to get a holiday booked for the summer. We have seen a nice hotel in Tenerife with unlimited access to Siam Water park (looks amazing!)

Our DDs will be 14 and 11 and are both very strong and confident swimmers. My question is would you allow your kids of that age (sticking together) to head off on the rides without adults? Or is it a must be supervised at all times type place? We went to a water park in spain this year and for the last 2 hours, once they were used to where everything was, they headed off on the rides together no problem. I am aware that Siam is much bigger though.

We are planning on going for 3 full days getting fast track passes each day. We are hoping (maybe naively) that by the last visit they will know all the rides and be able to go off and enjoy them on their own with us at a base enjoying the sun loungers! Is this possible somewhere like Siam or is it simply too vast in space?

We wouldn’t let them go in the pools swimming alone especially rapids or wave pools etc just the rides they have favourited on the previous two days we will have been.

Any other general hints or tips would be great too for enjoying the water park. TIA xx

OP posts:
Comfysock · 04/01/2024 23:08

Me personally no...11 is quite young.

JudyGemstone · 04/01/2024 23:13

I’ve been a couple of times with mine, they’ll be fine I’d say.

Pigriver · 07/01/2024 21:35

Yes especially if they know where you'll be based and can come and find you. Do you have tickets included in your package as 3x4 tickets plus fast track is crazy money!
Even the river rapids would be ok, I'd only advise caution on the wave pool.

DH and I love it, took the kids last year. Eldest was 7 and deemed the kids rides babyish but was too scared of the medium ones. 4yo refused to get wet 🙄
Top tip, there is a 'mini wave pool' called Coco beach I think. Always empty, loads of loungers etc.

Toomuchleopard · 07/01/2024 22:03

I would let them, I did with my kids last year. Almost all the rides you are sitting in a big rubber ring and life guards are at the top and bottom. One thing to note is the whole place is full of trees, it’s got a jungle feel so you won’t be able to see them. You will have a fab time it’s amazing.

Toomuchleopard · 07/01/2024 22:05

I don’t think you would want to go there for 3 days. You can do all the rides a couple of times in a day with fast passes.

Heyhoherewegoagain · 07/01/2024 22:07

They’ll be fine, and they’ll love it. Depending when you’re going, I’ll maybe see you there!

CheeseWisely · 07/01/2024 22:17

I've been to Siam Park a couple of times and I'd say they'd be fine moving around if they stick together and 14 is a responsible sort.

One thing that might concern you though, a lot of the bigger rides are 4 people to an inflatable and if they're two together in the queue they'll just be matched with any other random party of 2 to make up a 4. Quite close quarters to be with strangers in swimwear.

They / you might be more comfortable sticking to the rides where they can share one inflatable together or each have a separate one. From memory that's the lazy river, the jungle snakes slides and Naga Racer. They might be ok as two in Singha too, as long as they're both tall enough.

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