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Which Greek island with Tui?

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PinkPondQueen · 13/05/2023 21:55

To cut a long story short I have to choose a Tui holiday and have narrowed it down to Zante, Kos or Rhodes.

I have visited a few Greek Islands on a cruise but obviously didn't spend more than a few hours on any of them. Out of the three above we did go to Rhodes which I really liked so am tempted to go back there....

I want beautiful clear warm seas and a luxurious all inclusive hotel if that's possible. Would any of the islands be better than the others? And if you can suggest a hotel which Tui do I would be extra grateful 😊

This will be the first package holiday i've done in many years, we usually DIY it in very specific locations so i'm finding the choice totally overwhelming even after spending hours on the Tui app and Tripadvisor!

Thank you in advance!

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Tartantop · 13/05/2023 21:57

I would recommend Kos. Tui have lots of nice hotels there, so do Jet2. It really depends on your budget. I worked in Kos a few years ago and the Blue Lagoon Village was excellent. A bit further out than other hotels though

Mummypete · 13/05/2023 22:02

Not sure if you have children but if not I would highly recommend the TUI Blue Caravel in Zante. I would never have chosen Zante but we didn’t have much choice (Covid) and it was beautiful. The hotel sorted out car hire for us and we drove all over the island during our trip.

jkld · 13/05/2023 22:14

Another vote for Blue Lagoon Village (note village not resort) in Kos. Beautiful hotel, huge, really spread out so doesn't feel busy, good food and beautiful setting. It has a water park, beach, several pools etc. The main downside is it is quite remote, you need to do an excursion or hire a car to explore somewhere off the resort, you can't walk to a town for example. We hired a car which was fun. Plenty to do on resort though!

PinkPondQueen · 13/05/2023 23:14

Thanks everyone. Both of those look very nice!

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SquaresandStarlings · 13/05/2023 23:57

We went to the Atlantica Beach Resort in Kos in 2021. Never again.

We usually do Airbnbs in the Costa Brava but opted for this because Covid restrictions were even worse since 2020, after testing was developed.

The beaches, surrounding area and main restaurants and reception areas in the resort were beautiful. But the bedrooms were very basic and nothing like the photos.

It was full of overweight Brits with terrible table manners drinking cocktails from 10am. We actually hired a car for three days and returned it after three hours as the rest of the island looked like a poverty-stricken dust bowl.

I got to know a lot of the staff, and they seemed so sad, tired and overworked. Most never got the time to even go on the beach or swim. I would never go back.

PinkPondQueen · 14/05/2023 08:54

Oh dear! I'm surprised at that, I assumed all the lager louts would be in Benidorm 😂

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