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Are last minute holidays still a thing at all?

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LaSevillana · 04/02/2022 00:26

I remember they were a big thing about 15 years ago. I used to get some great bargains as a young early 20-something temp who could just pack quickly if I ended up with a few days off between contracts and go to the Canaries or Turkey with a friend. We got such ridiculous deals sometimes that it would have been more expensive for us to stay at home...I remember one week in Fuerteventura being something like £175 all inclusive! We walked into the travel agent on a Friday afternoon after work and we were on the plane the next morning.

I'm not a big fan of planning ahead and much prefer to see what the weather is doing at my destination (rain the entire time makes it so pointless I'd rather not bother going) and of course what the covid situation is, but it seems much harder since things have improved to get these good last minute deals.

Am I missing something or do they just not exist anymore?

OP posts:

TizerorFizz · 24/04/2022 09:25

With dynamic pricing, that increases the price if it’s only for a few seats left, I don’t see how last minute direct flights are cheaper. The nearer you get to departure, the more expensive days. I think they cancel flights if not full. We are not flying in the same numbers as before.

I always plan well in advance. I do not want crappy places no one else wants. So for me, travel is bespoke and not a leftover.


Daisylo0 · 24/04/2022 12:59

There are still good deals to be had, but the days of a week in Spain for £200 are gone I think!

Got a great deal on a package to Greece, but booking fairly far in advance!

Also a few sets of easyJet’s flights to various European destinations for throughout the year.
we travel outside of peak times and avoid school holidays.


TizerorFizz · 24/04/2022 13:34

Booking fairly far in advance is not last minute. The last minute idea has died.

Peak times snd not peak times are dynamic pricing. But airlines will merge flights due to staffing issues and fuel costs.


LaSevillana · 24/04/2022 17:49

I think it was always the package holidays that did the huge discounts, wasn't it? For example, if you've got a charter plane to Cape Verde and just a couple of spare seats (not even next to each other) and a couple of spare rooms at a resort, is it better to drop the price or fly with those seats empty and get nothing at all?

I agree it's rare for flight prices to go lower - they usually start out cheap when first released and then get more and more expensive - but I have noticed it this year on EasyJet. I saw a flight at £40, didn't buy it, and then it was on at £26 a few days later.

OP posts:

Felix0204 · 24/04/2022 22:15

I've found booking earlier is cheaper nowadays apart from package holidays even then you don't get the massive discount. I managed to book 2 weeks in Greece self catering for 1300 in January for August dates through loveholidays. Tui wanted at least 2k! transfers only cost me £35 for all of us.

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