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Dining at WDW

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Didthatreallyhappen2 · 23/01/2020 19:10

Does anyone have any suggestions of "must eat" places either inside WDW in Florida, or close (we will have a car).

Current favourites are Liberty Tree Tavern, Boma, Chef Mickey's (very expensive but delightfully mad with it). We also loved the character dining at the Grand Floridian. Anywhere within the world (we'd love to explore some of the Disney hotels), or within reasonable travelling distance of it. I'm coeliac so would have to cater for that. Disney I know is very good at doing gf food. Many thanks.

OP posts:
Imonaplane · 23/01/2020 20:13

We went to California Grill in Contemporary Resort for dinner. We loved it - the food was delicious and we could watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Not cheap but worth it.

WisestIsShe · 23/01/2020 20:16

Check out the Florida forum The Dibb here
It's a very friendly forum and everyone is Disney/Florida mad. They have loads of combined experience and wisdom.Smile

boymum9 · 23/01/2020 20:17

Have a look at the dfb (Disney food blog) YouTube and website, great recommendations!

spongedog · 23/01/2020 20:22

Interesting they are good with gf. They were absolute rubbish with vegetarian food just 3 years ago.

stevenage42 · 23/01/2020 20:23

Look at Its Orlando time on Facebook.
Our favourite meals were the Rainforest Cafe at Animal kingdom, also the Harambe market and the Pandora quick service place -Satuli? Fantastic good quality food.
We loved Beaches and Cream at the Beach club resort for The Kitchen Sink. 50's Prime time diner at Hollywood studios for a good laugh, and interaction with the staff, and Raglan Road ( Disney Springs) for a bit of Irish dancing while you dine. All fantastic

Heismyopendoor · 23/01/2020 20:25

Shake shack, ohana’s for character breakfast and chick fil a. Done :)

Heismyopendoor · 23/01/2020 20:25

Shake shack?? Meant Steak ‘n Shake! Kids favourite

JackMummy12 · 23/01/2020 20:30

Disney is amazing for GF.

My fave QS is Geyser Pointe at Wilderness Lodge, lovely breakfast there and setting is incredible for a QS.

Love Tepan Edo in Epcot and Breakfast at Al Tuttio Forno on Boardwalk (think right spelling, it’s the breakfast with Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, Ariel and Eric)

Look up Alexis GF adventures, she has done reviews on nearly all Disney restaurants and also GF and DF in WDW. Found both extremely helpful for our trip, especially Alexis blog.

JackMummy12 · 23/01/2020 20:31

Oh yes and 50s prime time diner. Absolutely love the theming there!

Ginfordinner · 23/01/2020 20:32

They were absolute rubbish with vegetarian food just 3 years ago.

Yes, we found that to be the case as well. They kept putting minced beef into macaroni cheese or bacon into a traditionally vegetarian dish.

We found the best places for veggie foods were Sweet Tomatoes and Pei Wei. As they were both self service diners we didn't get stung for huge tips either.

GuiltyPleasure · 23/01/2020 20:35

We liked Narcoossees at the Grand Floridian. Lovely food & relaxed atmosphere. You can also watch the water pageant on the lake & see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom

Didthatreallyhappen2 · 24/01/2020 12:42

These are all amazing - thank you so much for the suggestions. Some of the ones at the newly updated Disney Springs I've not even heard of. I've just spent a very happy (more than) hour looking online when I should have been doing other things. Thank you.

OP posts:
pollyannaperspective · 24/01/2020 20:26

La Luce at the Hilton in Bonnet Creek is one of our favourite restaurants - rate it for food as good as California Grill and great value for money.

Breakfast buffet in the Fort Wilderness campground is also good and more relaxed as not a character breakfast.

HermioneWeasley · 25/01/2020 13:44

Check out Disney food blog for parks recommendations, but he’s, Liberty Tree Tavern is wonderful.

Outside the parks, I always recommend Seasons 52 (just off international drive) for really good food in a classic upscale American ambience. Not one for young kids.

ChippyMinton · 26/01/2020 07:43

Sunday brunch at California Grill, for sure.

Annebronte · 27/01/2020 20:12

Tokyo Dining in Epcot.

okiedokieme · 27/01/2020 20:42

The French place at Epcot was amazing (years ago admittedly) didn't have a bad meal anywhere

okiedokieme · 27/01/2020 20:45

Ps veggie food was terrible (though marginally better than Disneyland Paris) gf might be better now but was limited (one of my friends had a coeliac child)

stevenage42 · 28/01/2020 07:54

We are t vegetarian but were particularly impressed with the variety at Animal kingdom. As I mentioned below, qs counter Satuli at Pandora, you could choose various layers for your bowl- a protein layer ( veggie options, char grilled chicken, pulled pork etc etc), a sauce layer, a salad and grains as well. Very good. Very substantial. They had loads of street food stalls at the harambe food market but as well. Absolutely spot on. We were so worried in advance that all our food choices were going to be beige, but were blown away with the choices on offer

pelirocco123 · 28/01/2020 07:58

Whispering Canyon at Wilderness lodge....dont forget to ask for the ketchup

ChestyNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire · 02/02/2020 10:03

Storybook dining at Artiste point
Saana at ANimal kingdom lodge
1900 park fare breakfast

We also did the afternoon tea at grand Floridian which was lovely.

pollyannaperspective · 05/03/2020 02:19

Thanks @HermioneWeasley for the Seasons 52 recommendation. Went this evening and had a lovely dinner. Excellent food, great value for money, comfortable but upmarket environment. We will be going again.


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pollyannaperspective · 05/03/2020 02:35

Topolino at the top of the Riviera Resort was excellent but not cheap. DH preferred the dinner menu to California Grill. Also gives you the opportunity to use the Skyliner cable car system.

Livenearhere · 05/03/2020 02:57

Our fav meals were
California grill
Yachtsman steakhouse

CrisisCrunchie · 05/03/2020 18:19

My favourite place in the world is Raglan Road at Disney Springs

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