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Wedding in Malta, where could we join a holiday into it?

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cleomummy · 30/04/2019 14:45

We have been invited to a wedding in Malta in May next year. It's during half term so we were thinking of adding a holiday onto it beforehand. We would have 5 days probably.

My first thought was Malta itself but the reviews I am reading make it sound a bit grim tbh. Where else could we go that's nearby and easy to get to Malta from? Potentially going with dsis and BIL too with dcs aged between 9-2 years. I want somewhere hot with sandy beaches, swimming pool, places to explore, things for children to do. Potentially a water park, bike ride place but not essential but definitely somewhere to explore and keep dcs happy.

Where could we go?

OP posts:
DreamingofSunshine · 30/04/2019 18:07

Malta is nice but the beaches aren't good. Gozo is lovely, had a lovely peaceful week there eating our bodyweight in seafood and pasta.

EnidAlexandraRollins · 30/04/2019 18:12

The Kempinski in Gozo is brilliant and a great base to explore some really amazing beaches and coastline. Ferry from the north of Malta to Gozo takes 30 minutes. Plenty there to keep you busy for 5 days.

Having said that, Malta can be grim in some parts but there are some really fabulous historical spots to visit. The beaches on Malta tend to be more crazy busy though. So depends what you're looking for. The Westin Dragonara is the nicest spot we've stayed in.

cleomummy · 30/04/2019 18:14

Yes, I am a beach person and so are the children. Hoping to go somewhere nearby before and then fly to the wedding in Malta

OP posts:
scintilla87 · 30/04/2019 18:18

Sicily is probably your best bet! Lots of lovely beaches and the flight to Malta is only 40 mins (maybe 1hr max) so nice and quick. Temperature will be the same in Sicily as Malta as well do you won’t have to pack for separate climates.

HappySpade · 30/04/2019 18:29

could do a cruise out of Malta. 5 days might not be enough though.

SJane48S · 30/04/2019 20:48

Malta is a mixed bag. We drove past some pretty grim towns & resorts full of Brit pensioners eating chips. We spent 2 nights in Silema which didn't do much for me. But Valletta & Mdina are lovely, there are some beautiful beaches, attractive landscapes & good resorts. I'd go back happily. You can have a great holiday there - just research carefully where you pick! It's an easy island to get around by bus & they speak fluent English. Don't write the whole island off because you've had some negative feedback from someone who stayed at one of the grot holes

Crazyladee · 30/04/2019 20:56

I second the above poster. We went to a wedding in Mellieha Bay. We filled a full week sightseeing and didn't scratch the surface as we ran out of time and didnt get to go to Goza. But we went to Mdina, Valletta, Bugibba, Popeye Bay and St Paul's Bay. The buses are cheap and regular and you can hop on and hop off all day once you have bought a ticket which cost next to nothing.

I too would happily go again.

cleomummy · 30/04/2019 20:59

Thank you. They are getting married in st Julian's bay. Have had a look and no sandy beach and sounds like bit of a party town.

What's it like? Anyone been there?

OP posts:
cleomummy · 30/04/2019 21:02

Which resorts did you stay at please?

OP posts:
Crazyladee · 30/04/2019 21:05

My sister went there in September and loved it. She's in her 40s and went as a couple. They love signseeing, walks and eating out. They are not into the party scene but love cocktail bars. I've just messaged her to refresh my memory on what she said it was like.

Crazyladee · 30/04/2019 21:06

Sorry meant to say my sister went to St Julians Bay. We stayed in Mellieha Bay

SJane48S · 30/04/2019 21:14

We went with my folks & they’d booked Ramla Bay for us. It was a decent & big resort - not a wow resort of a lifetime place but it was decent. It has a beach & is very near the ferry to Gozo. The pools were nice & my DD had a good time there. It’s right at the Northern tip of the island & not in a lively party area - there was a bus stop very near by where we caught buses to other places. We spent a couple of days first in Silema which I didn’t hugely enjoy - can’t remember the name of the hotel but wouldn’t recommend it anyway! If it we were to go again I’d spend a couple of days in Valletta as it’s very attractive & has a lot of history, a day or two in Mdina (though not sure if has many hotels) & 3-4 days chilling in Ramla Bay or somewhere similar

Crazyladee · 30/04/2019 21:17

She's just said that there wasn't actually a beach in St Julians Bay. There was a lovely bay/harbour and plenty going on but she wouldn't go there with young children as there wasn't much there for young kids.

ItsJustASimpleLine · 30/04/2019 21:23

We stayed at db Seabank and it was lovely, great food, big rooms, clean, lovely pool and across the road from the beach. It's definitely worth a look.

selina19 · 30/04/2019 21:36

My family live there. Silema is not cheap nor is valetta. St Julian's is clubbing and party central plus not cheap. And not pretty hotels.
Buggiba is lovely we always stay there. It's right by the bus station and has lovely pubs restaurants shops etc but is not too busy.
Qawra palace is a very lovely hotel too to stay in. Malta doesn't have a lot of beaches but the best ones are golden bay and melliha bay(about 30 bus ride from buggiba)
Do not stay in Gozo whatever u do there is nothin there
Few restaurants and think a few pubs bar that a lot of hills n grass
So boring unless u like that!
Also if u go to Malta please visit mosta dome it's amazing and see if u can go to a fiesta one night and try the rabbit stew also !
Have fun xx

selina19 · 30/04/2019 21:41

Also Malta doesn't have a lot of kid friendly places it's really not like that over there but there is a water park and if the wedding is in at Julian's and u stay further away at a kid friendly hotel I'm sure there's a few but check google. It's not far to get to any part either as the whole island is only 16 miles long x

SJane48S · 01/05/2019 06:48

Depends on what you mean by kid friendly places - mine is pretty simple, she liked the pools, beach & made a pool friend! There were plenty of options she’d eat food wise (and she’s fussy). She also liked the ferry over to Comino & exploring the island & running around the streets of Mdina. To be fair, we don’t tend to go to water parks/entertainment parks or big AI places with kids stuff anyway (we did once & she hated the mini club & had to be forced to join in the mini disco).

lovelyupnorth · 01/05/2019 06:54

Love Malta 🇲🇹. It’s been a few years since I’ve been my dad used to work out there. Not many beaches but plenty to do. Loved the play mobile factory. Lots and lots of history. As said only two beaches. We stayed at Corinthia San George and the Corinthia Palace.

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