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All inclusive and a waterpark

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MamMamMam · 07/04/2018 19:15

Perhaps I'm looking for the holy grail here but I'll ask anyway.

Hoping that dh, ds 11,dd 10 and I will go on out first family holiday next year.

We all love the water, especially water parks and we'd prefer all in if possible but I cant find anywhere.

I've seen lovely all inclusives on line and fab water parks but nothing close together.

We've 3-5 grand to spend and looking for somewhere naice

All suggestions welcome

OP posts:
MaisyMary77 · 07/04/2018 19:31

We’ve been looking at this place:

(Hope the link works!)

The water park looks pretty awesome.

DrDiva · 07/04/2018 19:32

Maxx Royal in Turkey has an awesome water park, and is a fabulous experience altogether.

MaisyMary77 · 07/04/2018 19:33

Whoops! The link doesn’t seem to work. It’s Siam water park in Tenerife. Some of the hotels have all inclusive deals and also include entry into the park.

pinkmagic1 · 07/04/2018 19:40

I would recommend the Jungle Aqua Park In Hurghada Egypt.
Fantastic aqua park and beautiful hotel. All rooms are spacious family rooms, with a large double and twin beds through a sliding partition.

Allyg1185 · 07/04/2018 19:47

Just back from Tenerife. Siam Park is amazing and would be perfect for your kids ages

KellyBailey · 07/04/2018 19:53

Magic Rock gardens has an on site water park and does all inclusive, the hotel itself is very nice even if Benidorm as a whole might not fit into the "naice" category, although there is loads to do and see there and there's a bigger waterpark and a theme park nearby.

SheSparkles · 07/04/2018 19:55
Icklepickle101 · 07/04/2018 20:01

Siam Park is brilliant and lots of hotels include unlimited passes in the price

exLtEveDallas · 07/04/2018 20:01

Jungle Aqua Park, Hurghada - amazing water park and excellent hotel. Animation
Team is good, but evening entertainment is dire!

Jaz Makadi Aquaviva in Makadi Bay, Hurghada. Very new and sparkly, good rooms, lovely food. Smaller and feels a little more personal.

Sherwood Breezes in Lara Beach, Turkey. Smaller aquapark but still good, brilliant kids/teens clubs and outstanding entertainment.

Cockmagic · 07/04/2018 20:02

Another vote for Siam park, Tenerife.

FatBallsAndSunflowerSeeds · 07/04/2018 20:05

Port Aventura in Salou is fantastic for kids that age. An ace theme park and water park, and lots of all inclusive hotels to choose from. The first time we went I was like 'why doesn't everyone with kids come here?'. And we've been to DisneyWorld!

MamMamMam · 07/04/2018 20:09

These are brilliant. Thank you Grin

OP posts:
StylishMummy · 07/04/2018 20:27

Lykia world in turkey?

Atticusss · 07/04/2018 22:35

We went to Caretta beach in Zakynthos last year, on site water park, all inclusive, we really rated it. You can do a day trip to Navagio beach which is beautiful, whole island boat trips, turtle spotting for very cheap.

This year we are going to Elenite Villas in Bulgaria with onsite water park, but only because it was incredibly cheap, less than half your budget. If we had more to spend I'd do Greece or Portugal.

Damonlufc88 · 07/04/2018 22:41

Siam Park - Tenerife
Port Adventura - Salou.
Corfu had a waterpark in the middle of the island
Were going Alcudia but its probably more suited to younger kids

MissCalamity · 08/04/2018 09:47

We went to Los Patos Park in Benalmadema last year. 5 big slides which was plenty enough for our younger kids. AI as well, food was lovely & it was a nice clean hotel and the beach was across the road. (can't link as on phone)

We're going to Costa Almeria next year staying at Zoraida Park, which has similar slides to Los Patos. After going there, we have to go somewhere with the slides now!

popcorndiva · 08/04/2018 09:54

We have been to Magic Rock gardens near Benidorm. It's great for kids....there is a zoo and a water park which is all included. Benidorm is on the horizon so you don't have to visit it of you don't want to

Purplerain101 · 08/04/2018 09:59

Siam Park! It’s the best water park in Europe. We stayed at the Gran Hotel in Costa Adeje (a gorgeous 5 star hotel in a very nice location away from the 18-30 rowdiness). There is a Siam Park double decker bus that stops outside the hotel and takes you to and from the water park every 20 mins for free (journey takes 10 mins max)

bangingmyheadoffabrickwall · 10/04/2018 10:32

IFA interclub Atlantic in Gran Canaria. It’s on a hill so magnificent views on to Playa Del Ingles but only €6 one way in a taxi ride to get there. There is a beach you can walk to from the hotel too. The hotel has three pools and slides that are steep and fast.
Book through jet2 holidays ( cheaper than TUI) and get 22kg hold luggage and 10kg hand luggage as standard - you don’t at extra for this.
Highly recommend jet2. We holiday with them all the time.

leccybill · 10/04/2018 10:34

Try posting your requirements on the Family Holidays with Kids facebook group. 11k members with a wealth of knowledge!

Land0r · 14/04/2018 16:07

I second Miss Calamity's recommendation. We have just (yesterday) come back from Los Patos Park and LOVED it! Benalmadena also has the beautiful Parque de la Paloma (a few minutes walk from the hotel), a lovely harbour and a great aquarium. Transfer time from Malaga airport was 25 minutes (taxi).

BeautyGoesToBenidorm · 14/04/2018 16:12

Hotel Mediterranéo in Benidorm - literally round the corner from the Aqualandia water park and Mundomar, the sea/wildlife park. The staff are AMAZING.


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PoptartPoptart · 14/04/2018 23:12

Firstchoice Splashworld holidays.
Google it.
Resorts all over the world, all inclusive, with a water park either onsite or very close.
We went to Menorca, the Marina Park Hotel, and the waterpark was ace and onsite (the hotel also had 3 other pools separate to the waterpark). It had loads of slides, mainly for kids 10+. It was all inclusive. I’d really recommend it.

Dieu · 15/04/2018 15:06

THE best place is Lykia World in Olu Deniz, Turkey. It is amazing.

Let me go against the grain by saying that I wasn't a Siam Park fan (went in 2016). We went with a hotel that did unlimited free entry, but I would recommend sticking to your guns and finding one with a water park attached. Siam Park was huge, boiling, and absolutely heaving. Possibly the most unrelaxed tourist experience I've ever had. The buses back to the hotels at the end of the day were an absolute scrum. Never again.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners · 15/04/2018 15:12

We stayed at the Hotel Polynesia in Benalmadena last year, it has a nice water park as part of the Holiday Village complex - you can walk it in 5 minutes or get a courtesy bus that runs a non stop shuttle service.

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