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What's your favourite ever Eurocamp site?

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fadingfast · 25/08/2017 18:44

Looking for next year, probably France but open to other destinations. Also open to other tour operators but we'd get a good discount with Eurocamp as previous customers.

We generally prefer sites that are not too full-on/noisy.

Would love to hear about your favourites....

OP posts:
DorothyHarris · 25/08/2017 18:49

Norcenni girasole club in Italy. We used to go there every year while I was growing up 20 odd years ago. My brother has been with his DP a few times in the last few years and they say it's brilliant. Lots to do lots of coach trips etc.

Ocies · 25/08/2017 18:53

Camping de la Baie, La Trinite sur mer. It's not very big but we loved it there. We went about 5 times across a ten year span.

Dizzywizz · 25/08/2017 18:56

Playa Joyel in Noja, northern Spain...we got the boat from Portsmouth to Bilbao, its about an hour drive from there.

The campsite was right on the beach! And site not too busy. We went with Suncamp who are a Dutch company, and worked out loads cheaper than eurocamp even with the discount they offered for us going with them the previous year. I don't think we'll ever go with them again! Their competitors are so much cheaper and you're getting the exact same thing.

fadingfast · 25/08/2017 19:39

Thanks Dizzywizz will check them out too.
Like the sound of Camping de la Baie Ocies. Off to check it out now!

OP posts:
hoyhoy44 · 25/08/2017 21:14

Domaine de Massereau in Sommières and Les Ranchisses Campsite Largentière, Ardeche

we have not stayed with Eurocamp but taken our own caravan and found them to have good facilities but quiet unlike a lot of the larger sites

Massereau only has lodges with eurocamp but other options to going with the site direct

unless your set of using Eurocamp i would look into going to site direct or using a different operator- lifestyle, venue, matthews holidays, i know they work out to be better value and still get use of same facilities

BayeauxT · 26/08/2017 23:14

Dizzywiz we went to Playa Joyel last August - camping - and had a huge problem with all-night rave across the bay from Isla. Carried on till 4am and not just one night either. The site itself was brilliant but the tide at beach a bit scary - my DD 10 lost her footing in a rockpool and nearly got washed out to sea.

Dizzywizz · 27/08/2017 07:05

Really bayeaux we didn't have any rave issues...found it quiet in the evenings generally...but yes the tide does come in quickly

roastandyorkies · 27/08/2017 20:29


We went out of season and had a pitch away from the action so it was lovely and quiet but still stuff for DS to do when we wanted there to be!

Piggywaspushed · 27/08/2017 20:36

Le Ranc Davaine in the Ardeche is lovely.

We went with Roan but Eurocamp do those big flashy mobiles there.

The Ardeche is beautiful and this campsite has a stretch of river and a zip wire course and has a great pool area and a lovely restaurant.

We also loved the Garangeoire in the Vendee. Quietness rules very strictly enforced!

onemorecakeplease · 27/08/2017 20:40

Following with interest for next year!

shank2 · 28/08/2017 08:38

Camping Jungfrau in Switzerland for older children

herecomesthsun · 30/08/2017 09:50

We went to la Croix du Vieux Pont this year. The kids (5 and 9) loved the clubs, beach area and pools so much we could barely drag them away to visit the local area.

Augustwashout · 31/08/2017 15:59


did you do la croix with euro camp I keep reading great things about the camp site but not through eurocamp

GuinefortGrey · 31/08/2017 17:19

Pleased to see Playa Joyel in Noja mentioned. The tidal river beach, rock pools and caves there are just about my favourite place on earth I think. I love to swim in the river, the water so clear and refreshing and I always felt it was safer for the children than the proper beach as visibility very good, no waves and lots of lovely shallow pools if you time it right. I never found the current too bad but we did always station ourselves a bit further down the river away from where it joins the sea. I even swam/waded across the river at low tide with the children in a blow up dingy a few times to get ice creams in the village on the other side!

We have been 3 times and I hope to return. We didn't have any problems with noise on the site at all, it was really peaceful except for our baby crying. We went to Il de Re in France this year, which was lovely too, but my heart still hankered after Playa Joyel!

fadingfast · 31/08/2017 21:46

Thanks for all the recommendations, lots of food for thought. Particularly like the look of the Garangeoire site Piggy. Quite fancy the Vendée for next year.

OP posts:
whowouldknow · 31/08/2017 21:56

Placemarking to steal ideas! I've been to a few nice ones but always wondering if I'm missing better!

DontbeaDickaboutit · 31/08/2017 21:57

Playa Montroig in Spain, near Cambrils,will always remember there fondly.

Newbiecat · 31/08/2017 22:01

We're just back from 10 days at La Garangeoire (Vendee) with Eurocamp and it was great! Kids loved the kids club, pool warm and slides good (not the biggest of pool complexes we've been to tho) tennis courts were in great nick and the site was spacious and well cared for. I think we'll go back!

Gazelda · 31/08/2017 22:07

Love, love, love la garangeoire! Such a lovely area, plenty around if you want to visit places. Site if well kept, great amenities and peaceful.

Very interested in La Croix - reviews of eurocamp accom are a bit miserable.

Flywheel · 31/08/2017 22:09

Was coming on to say garangeoire, but see it jas lots of mentions already. Kids love it there and there is so much to do in the region also

KenDoddsDadsDog · 31/08/2017 22:12

Camping Cypsela near Girona in Spain

Piggywaspushed · 31/08/2017 22:25

As well as the ones I mentioned we went to a campsite in the same town as Cypsela (Pals) : that's a great area to go if you do fancy Spain. Cypsela looked nice.

fadingfast · 31/08/2017 22:35

Love the sound of some of the Spanish ones but we'll probably have to avoid anything too far south as DS doesn't travel very well, and none of us cope very well with the heat (we're restricted to school holidays).

OP posts:
Piggywaspushed · 31/08/2017 22:40

Pissed it down in Spain when I was there one night and was actually not all that warm! But that is admittedly unusual. We flew so journey not long at all. But it does mean you can take less with you and have to hire a car. We also flew when we went to the Ardeche.

If you want to drive to the Vendee or even further Croix du Vieux Pont mentioned several times is great for breaking the journey. Lots of operators do one to two night stays there.

mirmc · 31/08/2017 22:48

Sorry to jump in, but literally just about to book Cypsela! Northern Spain not that hot if you are on the coast.
KenDoddsDadsDog what did you like about it? We love the area. I can recommend El Delfin Verde nearby. We've been 3 times. Jet2 have great prices on flights to Gerona at the moment.

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