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SueW · 09/07/2003 14:23

Eighteen months after stopping WW, I decided enough was enough. I've grown slack, lazy and fat! So today I swallowed my pride and went back to my old meeting walking in a whole 3 stone heavier than when I left

I'd sort of hoped the old leader would have left but she hadn't. Still there and recognised me. Thankfully her only really personal comment was that I hadn't got an Australian accent any longer - at least I've lost something in the past 18mo then.

I'm quite looking forward to the new challenge!

OP posts:
Manfwood · 09/07/2003 14:28

Well done - making the decision to go back is half the battle - i have been going to WW on and off for years. yes you do have to go back but i think that is the same for most 'diets'. i always felt more in control once i had made that decision. And i'm sure it is better for you than Atkins Diet! (all Atkins dieters dont crucify me!)

eidsvold · 09/07/2003 18:34

Sue I am going to WW and have lost almost two stone - thoroughly recommend it - particularly in terms of it working for me practically.. no depa meals for me and dh.

SueW · 09/07/2003 22:00

Brilliant Eidsvold. Bet you feel heaps better.

I lost 5.5 stone last time - 2 alone and 3.5 with WW. At least I've stopped the rot before it gets that bad.

OP posts:
jasper · 09/07/2003 23:27

Good luck SueW.Deciding to do something about your weight is the hardest step, isn't it?
I lost about 2 and a half stone with WW ( was very reluctant to join at first)last year and have kept it off for about 6m. I still go to the meeting every week and would like to be a WW leader but there is no room in my life to do it

megg · 10/07/2003 19:53

I joined WW on Tuesday night, I tried to do it online but decided I needed the extra support. Things have been going well foodwise but tonight I got really fed up and have had some wine (I'm still within my points though). I've had ds at home all week ill so I'd had enough tonight. Good luck everyone.

Ness73 · 10/07/2003 20:06

You need to get your accent back SueW (says fellow Aussie)!! I think WW is great. I've lost over a stone post-baby with it. What I love about it is the flexibility - as a girl who appreciates a good glass of wine at the end of the day, it means a lot that I can spend my points however I want. That said, it does encourage you to be healthy/exercise etc. It's not gimmicky like a lot of diets. Good luck!

jasper · 10/07/2003 21:09

I like it because I find I really need a slightly obsessive diet mentality to succeed.
I do still fall off the wagon every so often, for a few days at a time . It's no bad thing as it reminds me I don't actually enjoy the way I feel when I stuff myself with too much wine and crappy foods, and that the pleasure they give is temporary and illusory.

As the cliche goes, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!

SueW · 10/07/2003 22:00

Ness73 - I'm not an Aussie, I have to confess but joined WW when I lived in Melbourne for 9 months from 2000-2001. It says something about my obsession with WW that I looked up where my local meeting would be before I left Australia to return to the UK. Would love to return to Oz though, even if it is a relatively drastic step to take to lose weight At least it doesn't require a general anaesthetic!

Jasper you're right on the nothing... feels. I feel loads better for not having bloated myself for the past two days. A little achey though as today I have been on a fair old trot with a friend and our children. To be honest, since our school hols have started, it's much better for all of us to be trekking/scootering/biking round the park than sitting at home.

OP posts:
AliH · 10/07/2003 22:06

Hi all, a last year WW back on line here.

I lost 2 1/2 stone between April and about Oct last year, and found WW great. I stopped counting, but tried to continue with the 'healthy eating' approach. I also stopped going to meetings.

I had to weigh in this week, because you have to go at least once every 6 months to keep up your 'Gold' membership, and had put on 4 1/2lbs, so its back to counting for a few weeks to try to shift it!

It certainly is easy though to slip back into the old ways, isn't it. Yummy butter and the odd Chinese takeaway had slipped back in. Oh well.

Good on you SueW for having the resolve to get back to it, and well done Jasper for keeping it all off. How is the dancing these days.

Keep us posted on progress, I need the motivation.

jasper · 10/07/2003 22:27

Well done AliH, a 4 1/2 pound gain is absolutely nothing.
Our WW leader told us this week about a member who had lost over 3 stone and had only 3 and a half pounds to lose to reach her goal. She went mad in Asda and bought several large bars of cadbury's dairy milk which were on a 2 for 1 special or something . This precipitated a massive binge and she ended up gaining thirteen pounds in one week. Ouch!

The feet are fantastic

SueW · 31/07/2003 00:11

Quick update: I got my first Silver Seven today after three weeks, including being away on holiday last week

One very happy bunny

OP posts:
fio2 · 31/07/2003 08:46

well done sue I have started ww too last week. First week I lost 4lb just the incentive to keep me going I am really enjoyinmg the exercise too, just going for a walk every day with the kids is making me feel sooo much better anyway.

aloha · 31/07/2003 09:47

Joined last week. First weigh in tonight. Been saving lots of points for wine. Couldn't possibly stick to a diet which didn't let me have a glass or two most nights. Wish me luck!

SueW · 31/07/2003 09:56

Well done fio2 and good luck with your weigh-in tonight aloha.

My 6'6" brother has just started WW and gets 30 points! He is delighted that he can eat well and still have a couple of beers in the evening. His wife is on 18 or 20 points depending on whether she is maintaining or losing, I think, and she's amazed by how many more points he has. When I think about the shock I get when I have to drop 2 points cos I cross a weight barrier, I can see her point

OP posts:
AliH · 09/09/2003 09:46

Gosh Jasper, you make me feel really guilty - are you still going every week, and staying for the meetings. I really need to get back to it!! It's easy to lose the focus and the bad habits creep back in!

Aloha, I always save the wine points - mor important to me than chocolate!!

fio2 · 09/09/2003 10:43

how is everyone doing? I went on hols last week so have chickened out on this weeks meet. The week before the hols I stayed the same. I have lost 10 1/2lbs in 6 weeks so I must get back on track again this week.

eidsvold · 09/09/2003 19:52

I am at 27lbs - been hovering around the 2 stone mark for a while - hopefully this week - going back to work and having to climb up flights of stairs and move classroom furniture all over the place I will have cracked it. More on Thursday if I have!!

jasper · 09/09/2003 19:56

Aloha, how are you getting on?
AliH I do still go every week but have lapsed a bit . It is alarming how easy it is to slide back into old ways.It has been a bit depressing watching the weight creep back up but I promised to myself I would keep going to the meetings whether my weight was going up or down or staying the same. Also I actually enjoy the hour's break.(is that a bit sad?)
I gained half a stone in a week while on holiday and found it very hard to get my head around it when I came back.
It's such a mind thing isn't it? Sometimes I just have the right mindset ( not that it's ever easy) and at other times it is as if a switch has flicked in my brain and I just want to eat junk and get sloshed.

I bought one of the journals on Monday night and would really like to lose a stone for Christmas which would take me to thinner than I have been in five years.

fio2 · 09/09/2003 20:52

fingers crossed then jasper that you and I lose that stone for christmas. Im the bloody same as you and just go mad on the wine and food. Im like yes I will have one glass of wine, then another wont hurt, then its another and another-then its an indian takeaway and before I know it the day after Im doing the same. Have managed to get back on track again this week though and would really like to lose that stone for christmas because thats when the camera comes out aswell isnt it?

fio2 · 09/09/2003 20:53

and good luck eidsvold too. I'm sure all those stairs will help

jasper · 09/09/2003 23:42

fio2 I'll be checking up on you and could you do the same for me?

eidsvold · 10/09/2003 06:42

OH I too would love to have another stone by Christmas...... hopefully we can cheer each other along.

My vice - chocolate - part. when I am stressed and it has been very stressful returning to full time teaching high school

jasper · 10/09/2003 16:12

Good luck Eidsvold.
There's a great weight loss story in this months WW mag about a teacher losing lots of weight.

eidsvold · 10/09/2003 22:27

Ohh i saw the mag at last weeks meeting but did not have any spare change on me to get it - will try and pick it up tomorrow.

thanks for that jasper!!

fio2 · 11/09/2003 18:42

jasper, eidsvold -anyone else?- hows it gone today? I have been ok this week but tonight I have eaten a small chicken kebab from the chip shop how many points is that? Had no chips though the kids ate them all

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