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C++Developer - perm full or part time position

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HealthLumen · 25/04/2023 17:50

Amended by MNHQ at the OP's request

Job description
C++ Developer – permanent, full-time or part-time at HealthLumen Ltd

Salary: Competitive plus benefits (£45K - £55K depending on qualifications and experience)

About HealthLumen
HealthLumen is a leader in intervention modelling for non-communicable diseases. Our microsimulation-based software is used to generate evidence to quantify the future impact of interventions on chronic diseases when scaled across the population. Such interventions include policy changes, screening, and new treatments, with a focus on predicting the impact of health behaviours on the future burden of over 20 chronic diseases and related costs, across 80 countries.

HealthLumen works in both the public sector and also in the private sector, with global corporations in pharmaceutical, life sciences and insurance, where the value proposition can be applied in many areas. Our modelling can help evaluate the impact (clinical, social, and economic), of prevention strategies or treatments before expensive, time-consuming real-world implementation.

We are now expanding our team and seeking a C++ developer to work on our current platform. This is a remote role however there is a requirement to come to London one day a month for our in-person company meeting where you get to meet with the rest of the HealthLumen Team. Travel costs will be covered if you are coming into London from around the UK. If you are traveling from abroad, we will pay your travel and accommodation costs for one night.

Primary responsibilities
You will be directly involved with application coding, system debugging, code reviewing, and the development of operational procedures.

You will be:
Writing code that is supported by unit testing and continuous integration practices
Writing C++ code that runs our microsimulation on both Windows and Linux.
Participating in pair code reviews
Create new model outputs e.g. tagging individuals to disaggregate the population in different ways
Working with data (schemas, validation, pre-processing) to ensure model inputs are valid and consistent
Working together with developers, mathematicians, and epidemiologists
Participating in the entire software development life cycle, debugging applications, and configuring existing systems.

Skills and qualifications required:
BSc/MSc in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field
Knowledge of modern C++ (C++ 14 and up) and Object-Oriented Design (Use of STL C++ libraries is a plus)
Experience debugging using log analysis, visual debuggers, etc
Excellent problem-solving skills.
Strong verbal and written communication skills (technical and non-technical), including communication with non-developers.

Desirable skills
Knowledge of R
Knowledge of Python (in both tools and systems development context)
Mathematical and statistical background would be helpful for working within the multi-disciplinary team
Continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) experience

Personal qualities
Self-motivated and team spirit. An ability to take initiative and solve problems without direction from others is crucial. At the same time, we value and appreciate the opportunity to work with each other as a team
A pragmatist when it comes to design decisions
Well organised, including ability to work independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team
Calm and focused under pressure
Good interpersonal, networking and communication skills
Willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills
Comfortable adapting to sometimes rapidly changing circumstances

Interview Timeline
The application deadline is noon (BST) on the 16th of May 2023.
We will send invites for interviews and a link to an online technical assessment on 18th May.
The technical assessment must be submitted before 9 am (BST) on 22nd of May 2023.
Interviews for selected candidates will be held over a video call on the 24th of May 2023.

If you have any questions about this role, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please send CV and covering letter to Sue Connolly: [email protected]

Please note the interview timeline above

OP posts:

CareerBalance · 25/04/2023 22:19

"Salary: Competitive plus benefits"

Are you able to share more information on this please?

There appears to be a growing appetite within the industry for greater transparency of such things.



HealthLumen · 27/04/2023 09:36

Thank you for your message. We are looking at a salary of between £45K-£55K WTE depending on qualifications and experience.

Hope this is helpful.


OP posts:

CareerBalance · 27/04/2023 19:46

Thank you

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