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Rathernew · 25/01/2023 16:19

Introducing the Swift Tech Scholarship

If you’ve always dreamed of working in tech or are looking to make a career change, The Swift Tech Scholarship might be for you.

It’s a training programme for a career in the tech industry that we’re running in partnership with specialist training provider, Udacity. There are around 140 scholarships up for grabs across three technical training courses and, after completing your course, you’ll be invited to apply for a full-time position with Swift.

Who’s it for?
The Swift Tech Scholarship is open to anyone with transferable skills or some experience in IT – however limited.

Perhaps you’ve taken time out of your career to raise children or you’re looking for a job with a better work-life balance. Maybe you’re transitioning to civilian life after a career in the military or emergency services.

We want to use this programme to build more diverse teams with broader skillsets, so your experience may be more appropriate than you think.

Never even considered a role in tech?

It could be time to think again. Find out more here. And apply today.

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