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Flexible Finance Role Manchester (upto £30k p.a)

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CityCare · 13/01/2023 15:23

Head for finance and a heart for people?
Are you a bean counter that wants it to count… for something!

You could put your finance skills to work supporting an organisation that makes a real and lasting difference to people with Autism and Learning Disabilities across Greater Manchester. Every member of our team plays a vital role in achieving amazing outcomes for the people we support and you can too.

We need you to manage and oversee the day to day Finance activities of our growing and leading Independent provider of specialist services for adults with learning disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Condition. You can make a difference, you can help us grow and develop and you can be proud of your work! This is a part-time flexible role (27 hours per week) with good rewards and excellent benefits.

Please apply with your CV click here

For more info on City Care Click here

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