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Mystery Shoppers needed

Grocer33 · 16/06/2022 11:23

We’re once again looking for Mystery Shoppers to help with our Grocer 33 weekly competition. Conducted by The Grocer, the leading publication for the food and drink grocery market, and published by William Reed, The Grocer 33 is a weekly survey of price, service and availability at the UK’s leading supermarkets.

We do so with the help of our mystery shoppers (ie you). The information is hugely important and the feedback you provide is used to determine each week’s winner. The retailers take this competition seriously and at the end of the year we give out a number of awards based on this information.

Following a very successful response from our previous Mumsnet’s advertisement, The Grocer is yet again looking to extend its current database of mystery shoppers to target different parts of the UK where we don’t currently have representative mystery shoppers. (although we also welcome applications from candidates in other parts of the country):

• Scotland-Mid Lothian, Perthshire
• Wales- Powys, Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire
• Norfolk
• Derbyshire
• Cumbria
• Durham
• Hertfordshire
• Suffolk
• Cambridgeshire
• Lancashire
• South & West Yorkshire
• Humberside
• Bedfordshire
• Oxfordshire
• Warwickshire
• Nottinghamshire
• Somerset
• North Devon
. North Cornwall

Your role:
Your role is to undertake a ‘mystery shop’ at a prescribed time and using a prescribed shopping list. And to provide us with accurate and detailed information about your experience. You need to be prepared, organised, observant and fair. You also need to have access to a computer and smart phone. You will report your findings through completion of an online questionnaire that you access via a portal. As well as ticking various boxes, we also need anecdotal feedback on the shop and a copy of your receipt.

We will reimburse the cost of your shopping from a pre-determined list of 33 products up to £90. The shopping list comprises a mixed basket of goods (fruit, vegetables, bakery, dairy, meat & fish, alcoholic drinks, household goods, health & beauty items, snacks etc). Payments are made twice a month, so it can take around 3-4 weeks from the time you do the shop to when the payment reaches your account.

Selection of the mystery shopper
An e-mail is sent on a monthly basis to establish availability across our network of mystery shoppers. Once you have been selected for a particular week you will be contacted with further details and instructions. The frequency with which you will be selected is dependent on the area you live in, your reliability and professionalism, and your willingness to travel to different supermarkets (though you will not be asked to travel more than 10-15 miles).If you would like to join our army of mystery shoppers please e-mail [email protected] and include your full postal address and your mobile number and we will send further information.

Kind regards,

Jules Leyland
The Grocer
William Reed LTD
Broadfield Park
West Sussex
RH11 9RT

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