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Running / sports pram

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Briar250 · 03/02/2023 00:09

Which sports pram have you tried for running please? My little one is 6 months now. Have recovered from c section mostly too.

many thanks 😊

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emmathedilemma · 03/02/2023 09:20

out n about nipper sport is great, very lightweight to push. It flies on tarmac but copes with off road too.
You need a fixed front wheel, or the ability to lock it fixed.

Briar250 · 03/02/2023 19:28

Many thanks!

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Phillipa12 · 03/02/2023 19:38

Baby jogger summit x3 has a front wheel that can be fixed. Nice running buggy, feels sturdy, good off road but heavy.

Out and about nipper sport has a fixed front wheel. Good off road, light weight, I found it to be a bit flimsy because of the weight.

Thule glide 2 running buggy has a fixed front wheel. Substantial, great off road, fairly light but expensive.

I've ran with all three. My favourite is the thule followed by the baby jogger.

Cornishmumofone · 03/02/2023 19:52

I had ONA Nipper Sport, Mountain Buggy Terrain and a Thule Chariot.

The chariot was great for cycling, but I didn't enjoy running with it and rarely used it for that. I'm 5'5" and couldn't see the front wheel. It was convenient to be able to tuck toys, snacks, blankets etc in.

The MBT was the best for strolling around the shops as it had good storage and a lockable front wheel, but it was very heavy.

DD is now 6 and I still push her in the ONA Sport at parkrun sometimes. It is lightweight and rolls beautifully. It's a little tricky to manoeuvre in small shops. I didn't get the MBT until DD was nearly 3, so I was used to the sport by then.

If I had to buy again, I'd get the sport

emmathedilemma · 03/02/2023 21:30

I’ve used the moutain buggy as well but whilst it’s a great pram it’s quite heavy and i don’t think I’d want to run with it compared to the out n about.

Briar250 · 05/02/2023 04:24

Thanks all x

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