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WriterKnights8 · 27/12/2017 16:53

I recently finished writing a romance thriller novella, all very spur of the moment and based on a real life experience I had when travelling. I uploaded it onto kindle direct but so far I'm not having any success in selling it.

How have others promoted their book? I don't expect it to be an overnight success, but would like to know if there are any tips to improve its visibility?

Thanks in advance :-)

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BurningTheToast · 28/12/2017 10:07

I haven't self-published myself, but you might want to take a look at Joanna Penn's website The Creative Penn and listen to some of her podcasts as she's a very successful indie author.

Other than that, does your cover work with the genre you're competing in, have you put it in the correct categories, are you using the right meta-data in your description, do you know anyone who would read it and leave a review (making clear that it was a free copy in return for an honest review of course), is the formatting done properly, have you edited it carefully or - ideally - paid for it to be professionally edited?

What promotion are you doing currently and how's that working?

Good luck!

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