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Is an Electric Gilet Worth Investing?

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Nachtvlinder · 24/08/2022 23:14

They say it's meant to be really effective at keeping you warm and according to MoneySavingExpert, it was only 4p a day to run. Is that true?

Last winter, I was so layered up with clothes - fleece dressing gown over normal clothes underneath like thermal top and another layer, wool hat, wool scarf and wool fingerless gloves, thick socks and yet I was still cold particularly the fingers and feet. I used to suffer with chilblains when I was younger in terrible housing at the time, now I don't. I was/am WFH and it was sometimes hard to carry on working.

Do you think buying a gilet will be worth it, if yes, which one you do recommend? I'm also wondering if I buy now in advance, maybe they might be on offer as sometimes out of season items usually are.


If you’ve landed here looking for more info on heated jackets, we’ve recently updated our best heated gilet page with lots of great options, as rated and loved by Mumsnet users, plus info on how they work. We hope it helps. Flowers

OP posts:
Nachtvlinder · 30/08/2022 19:45

@feministqueen @Endlesslypatient82 Bought fingerless gloves but found them not so practical to wear when I'm typing a lot on the PC. I still wear them, though.
@ProperVexed which gilet did you get, if you don't mind my asking? Are there any with both front and back warmth, anyone?

OP posts:
ProperVexed · 30/08/2022 21:08

It was this one from New Forest Clothing.
I'm sure it wasn't that expensive when I bought it though....seems excessive!

Nachtvlinder · 30/08/2022 21:13

Oh, my, that is excessive! I'm not sure about this one as it's way above my budget. I was hoping for something in the region of £40-50.

OP posts:
Doingprettywellthanks · 09/09/2022 06:15

Metabigot · 30/08/2022 17:22

Yes it's cheaper but I prefer the bering sea colour. If I'm gonna spend that much I want a nice colour ( nothing wrong with the other colour if you like it, but not for me)

How are you getting on with your gilet @Metabigot ?

FortunaMajor · 09/09/2022 06:39

I got a Regatta Voltera puffer jacket on eBay for £20. It was like new on arrival. I use it in my campervan. I am seriously thinking about using it in general rather than just a camping thing. The powerbank costs 5p to charge and lasts for several hours.

That said, I also have one of the heated throws from Aldi that was £40 and for home use that is far superior in warmth and value for money. It costs a few pence an hour to hour. to run. They are usually in the shop some time in the first 2 weeks of October.

BEAM123 · 10/09/2022 08:11

I got one from eBay a few years back, cost £15. It's got a fabric foil lining so even without plugging it in its pretty warm. I'd recommend.

NCTDN · 30/09/2022 19:44

I've been looking at an electric gilet. Can't decide where from though.

Hesleepswiththefishes · 30/09/2022 21:06

Dh got one for birthday and he loves it… he works from home and really likes it

Nachtvlinder · 19/10/2022 22:22

I'm still none the wiser which one to get. Can anyone recommend one with a link for me, please? It's getting colder nowadays.

OP posts:
NotSoLittle · 20/10/2022 19:08

Anglers use them, so it might be worth seeing if any fishing forums have recommendations.

Metabigot · 20/10/2022 19:11

Doingprettywellthanks · 09/09/2022 06:15

How are you getting on with your gilet @Metabigot ?

Waiting for it to be cold enough to wear it! Won't be long I'm sure....

garlictwist · 21/10/2022 11:13

I've got battery powered socks and a battery powered gilet. Definitely make a difference. I use the socks for cycling and they are a life saver. The gilet needs to be quite close to your skin to feel, so I tend to wear it as a base layer with other baggy layers over the top.

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