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Another Education Solution Idea

IDSNeighbour · 01/11/2020 17:42

Having had my last 'master plan' shot down in flames, I'm back to try again with another 'sounds wonderful in my head but is probably ridiculous' idea.

Here goes:

Educationally, we write off 2020-2021. Some people thought we should have done that last year but, as children 'only' missed a third of the school year, most were against it. Now it looks entirely possible that unlucky children could have disrupted education for a much larger proportion of 2020-2021.

For social, mental health, safeguarding and childcare reasons we keep schools open as much as is possible but don't worry too much about repeated isolations because it is now a 'spare' year from an educational point of view. That would also mean vulnerable teachers could work from home and young graduates or similar could have a job supervising while classes are taught virtually or teaching enrichment stuff.

From September 2021 until forever after:
Reception age children are 5 and 6
Year 13s are 18 and 19
3rd year University students are 21-22+

We would need more pre schools to accommodate the 4-5 year olds and the students who deferred university entry this year would need to be accommodated into existing first year courses. Any students who can't cope with the farce that is this year could come home until Sept.

Other downsides:
an added year of fees for current university and private school students (maybe govt grants for the uni costs, idk)
some children are very ready to start school at 4
schools that don't get very affected this year could end up with children who are very ahead and/or bored but maybe they could broaden the curriculum sideways instead of upwards.

That's it. Okay, ready to be told I'm crazy now!

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