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NHS Coronavirus information. Information from Mumsnet hasn't checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. If you have health concerns, please seek medical attention.

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Coronavirus Most Affected Areas

11 replies

HerstoryInTheMaking · 12/03/2020 18:24

Posting this so that those in affected areas can take reasonable precautions

Top 25

  1. London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

2. Hertfordshire
3. Oxfordshire
4. Hampshire
5. Devon
6. Surrey
7. City of Westminster
8. LB Camden
9. LB Southwark
10. LB Barnet
11. Kent
12. Brighton and Hove
13. Liverpool
14. Torbay
15. Manchester
16. Leeds
17. LB of Lambeth
18. LB of Wandsworth
19. Cumbria
20. Newcastle upon Tyne
21. LB of Tower Hamlets
22. Essex
23. Nottinghamshire
24. LB of Sutton
25. Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
OP posts:

Isthistrueor · 12/03/2020 18:25

MN have created a coronavirus forum, maybe post this in there.


HotPenguin · 12/03/2020 18:30

That's not quite right as you need to take into account the number of people living in each area. Kensington and Chelsea has fewer than 200,000 residents so per head the rate there is really high. Hertfordshire has more than a million residents so per head it's not very high.


HerstoryInTheMaking · 12/03/2020 18:33

Your right so presumably the cities and London Boroughs have a lot higher rate per capita.

OP posts:

boredboredboredboredbored · 12/03/2020 18:34

YABU for not posting this in the Coronavirus topic which I've hidden as its driving me nuts Angry


Isla727 · 12/03/2020 18:38

I think the Midlands must have quite a few cases? As there have been two deaths- or is that not the case?


Isla727 · 12/03/2020 18:39

I think Herstory wants as many people as possible to see this (i.e. posting for traffic).

Some people really know nothing about the infection and need to know.


Isla727 · 12/03/2020 18:40

Herstory, where did you find this list? (I'm not questioning it's validity- I just wondered).


ClaraMumsnet · 12/03/2020 18:41

We've moved this to the Coronavirus topic.


scaevola · 12/03/2020 18:50


tinytemper66 · 12/03/2020 19:50

My county has the highest in Wales. 9. However things change rapidly.


CassandraKnew · 14/03/2020 06:53

England Info (Very good cumulative totals)

Wales Info (Poor, daily new cases only)
e.g. Friday 13th March
Four in Caerphilly local authority area
Two in Swansea local authority area
One in Anglesey local authority area
One Cardiff local authority area
One Carmarthenshire local authority area
One Flintshire local authority area
One Monmouthshire local authority area
One Newport local authority area
One in Powys local authority area

Scotland (Cumulative updates daily)
Ayrshire and Arran 4
Borders 3
Fife 4
Forth Valley 6
Grampian 11
Greater Glasgow and Clyde 21
Lanarkshire 7
Lothian 20
Shetland 6
Tayside 3

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