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Ovulating or not? Please make me feel better

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countrygirl2022 · 23/09/2022 13:29

so I’ve started testing my ovulation, I have LH strips (cheap ones), clear blue digital stick, and the clear blue fertility monitor.

I ended my period on Monday, and on average have around 26-28 day cycles. I tested on the digital on Wednesday and got a high fertility sign, then yesterday tested again and got a peak fertility (static smiley face, so it stays on this for 48 hours)

I have been testing on the cheap strips, and monitor still even though the digital stick says I’m peak fertility. But on the monitor it has said “low” everyday and the cheap strips are really faint lines too. So I’m just panicking with anxiety a bit, am I ovulating or not? I spoke to clear blue and they said to just follow the digital test but why aren’t they all syncing? :(

I’m probably thinking way too much into it but I then checked again on another digital stick and it says “low” so I’m just so confused. I know I shouldn’t be testing this much but we aren’t even trying to openly concieve I’m more trying to track my ovulation, to see when I ovulate but now these diff methods are all showing diff results?

Any thoughts?

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Mannymoomin · 23/09/2022 18:50

Also having a surge doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll ovulate, it just means your body is getting the signal to ovulate.
Stress hormones overtake the LH and that can stop your body from ovulating, so your body will then try again in a few days

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Mannymoomin · 23/09/2022 18:45

I have 2 clearblue test holders, I got my first static on cd11.
Out of interest I decided to test again with the second holder a whole 24hours later, to my surprise I still got a static.
When I compared the test strips the first test was much lighter than the second.
So I think for me personally I have a long LG surge, and the first test caught the start of the surge and the second got the peak.
So going by that I had 3 days of peak!

I didn’t dtd until 36hours after first static, or about 16 hours after the second.
Now in my 2ww and it totally threw me, but I can only assume my LH takes a while to peak

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