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kirinm · 08/03/2021 10:59

I've been ttc for over a year now and coming to the end of another unsuccessful cycle. I'm over 40 so wondering if I should try ubiquinol. Has anyone taken it and had any luck? Which ones did you buy and how many did you take? I'm not sure what sort of dosage to consider?

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Moominmiss · 08/03/2021 11:42

I’m 38 and took this.

I bought it from nature’s best. The capsules are 100mg so seeing as the recommended dose is 200mg a day I took 2 capsules a day.

SamoyedFan123 · 08/03/2021 12:06

I used it for my successful IVF cycle at age 40 (you need to reassure it for around 3 months before it has an effect). Obviously I can't say this was what made the difference but I'm sure it contributed - there is evidence to support that it helps egg quality in older women. It has no effect on chromosomal issues but improves the energy stores within the eggs making them not likely to survive until the placenta develops. I would disagree with the PP about the dose however - my consultant said a high dose was needed and when I did my own research a dose between 400 and 800 per day was recommended, dependant on quality. The studies that have been done (admittedly on rodents) used a dose of 600, and that is what I took. Those called Kaneka ubiquinol are generally the highest quality - and the most expensive!

SamoyedFan123 · 08/03/2021 12:07

Sorry that should have said it makes embryos MORE likely to survive until the placenta develops.

Juno231 · 08/03/2021 12:44

I second what samoyed said.

Definitely read "it starts with the egg" to help improve your egg quality as well - the author covers ubiquinol in that too. Remember it takes 3 months for it to affect the eggs as that's how long they take to mature.

kirinm · 08/03/2021 19:26

Thanks all. I think I'll order the book and have a read although think I've left it too late really.

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IloveGod2 · 01/04/2021 21:30

@kirinm hiya hows it going. Did you try any supplement? I've had 2 mc and it's so upsetting. I have 2 kids so I can only think that age has made it harder for me now. I'm 36. Have order ubiquinol doctors choice and pray it works 🙏

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