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Emmmmz9 · 30/09/2023 16:12

Are they worth the money over cheaper non branded ones please?

OP posts:
Floralnomad · 30/09/2023 16:13

They are definitely thicker than all the cheaper ones I’ve seen . We have originals but my daughter also has a primark one as she finds the real one too much .

AIstolemylunch · 30/09/2023 16:16

Can anyone recommend a good non oodie one, I think mine would also like a slightly less thick one as house isn't that cold.

SageRosemary · 30/09/2023 16:52
Finteq · 30/09/2023 16:57

I think I saw a thread about a website that sells oodies but without the label.

And much cheaper.

Will check.

Finteq · 30/09/2023 16:59
lost78300 · 30/09/2023 17:06

Uttermara Blanket Hoodie, Super Warm Cozy Sherpa Wearable Blanket for Women & Men, Oversized Sweatshirt with Giant Front Pocket & Elastic Sleeve, One Size Fits All, Pink

lost78300 · 30/09/2023 17:07

They did have more colours last year and the one I bought is excellent.

Alarae · 30/09/2023 17:09

I've always wondered as I had the Primark version. Ended up buying a seconds off the 5poundstuff website and the difference is noticeable! Much thicker and bigger.

I wouldn't pay full price for an Oodie though, it's not worth that much more than cheaper versions.

LubaLuca · 30/09/2023 17:15

I just bought a couple and they're far better than the cheap one I had (possibly Primark). They're heavier but I like that because it feels comforting, and probably just because they're much longer and thicker.

They were 2 for £89 which is the cheapest I've seen them, although I haven't exactly been watching closely.

Singleandproud · 30/09/2023 17:20

The ones went down a hit and were perfect in the colder weather, they have washed really welland still look like new.

Primark ones we have are a little thinner and after two years the fleece lining isn't as soft and fluffy as it once was.

OOdies I believe are even thicker than which I think would be too much.

Lightsandtights · 30/09/2023 18:14

We have oodie, Primark and Kuddly in this house. The best quality one is the Oodie, by far. Primark are good for the wide range they stock like Disney. I don’t rate my Kuddly and use DH’s Oodie.

I think Oodie have BOGOF just now.

AbsolutelyNebulous · 30/09/2023 18:18

I have two of the Dreamscene ones from here. They are so cosy and wash brilliantly, I highly recommend them.

I’ve seen lots of posters rave about the Oodies but I’ve also read that they can be very heavy to the point of being a bit restrictive and some people find them too warm. It’s personal preference but I just wouldn’t pay that kind of money for a hoodie blanket.

Hoodie Blankets

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CinnamonBear · 30/09/2023 18:21
mmmmmchocolate · 30/09/2023 19:09

DD has a genuine oodie (obviously from 5 pound stuff) it’s so thick and soft, I think apart from the Kuddly brand ones there is nothing similar.

I find it too hot, heavy and restrictive though. Mine is from next, it’s not as thick but it’s soft and warm and washes really well. DD2 has a primark one but it’s sweaty and you get static shocks from it. She likes it though! 😂

TallulahG · 30/09/2023 19:38

I have an Oodie and a cheapie (Sienna from amazon). The Sienna is perfectly nice, but the Oodie is way thicker, softer and feels much more expensive if that makes sense. I like both but my Oodie is the one I reach for more.

hattie43 · 30/09/2023 20:29

I definitely notice the genuine are better quality much thicker and wash really well .

ColdinNovember · 30/09/2023 20:40

Agree with others that there is definitely a difference. My real one is also from 5 pound stuff, they are not all oodies from there so it’s worth cross checking as my previous one was quite thin and not great quality. DD has a Primark one which is much thinner but she never complains and a kuddly which seems good quality and sort of in between thickness wise

KokoMelon · 30/09/2023 20:56

Sorry to hijack but does anyone know which ones from the 5poundstuff website are actually real oodies? I'm browsing but I honestly don't have a clue and I don't want a different thinner brand (I've already got a Primark one that I love but would like to try the real thing!)

WhyHasAllTheRumGone · 30/09/2023 21:02

@KokoMelon if you Google the name and the word oodie you can see if they're the same design. I think the purple tie die one is the same? It was on today's email from them.

KokoMelon · 30/09/2023 21:41

@WhyHasAllTheRumGone Thank you! I just took a chance and bought that one so fingers crossed!

Teapleasebobb · 30/09/2023 21:49

I have this dreascene one and also bought Sienna ones as prezzies and they're great quality and a fraction of the price, anything thicker would be too much for me. I can't wear it when we have the fire on as it's too warm.

WhyHasAllTheRumGone · 30/09/2023 21:53

Great @KokoMelon hope you get what you want. Last year I got DD one and it came fully branded as an oodie, ribbon gift bag etc. So soft and fluffy, much better than the knock off one she already had.


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KTSl1964 · 30/09/2023 22:44

the two I bought where oodies from the £5 website and I just googled the pattern and saw they where oodies - they are warm - I think I paid £14.99 last year and ended up buying 6 in total for friends and family.

cocksstrideintheevening · 30/09/2023 22:51


GettingStuffed · 01/10/2023 12:00

I have a kuddly and a Primark one
The kuddly is great when it's really cold and the Primark one is much lighter, in fact it's about right for evenings now

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