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Alternative to Islabike

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bombemma · 11/11/2022 19:32

My children have always been lucky enough to have Islabikes. However since divorce I can no longer afford them. Any other lightweight recommendations?

OP posts:
TheFutureIs · 11/11/2022 19:36

Chris Hoy does really decent kids bikes. I've been very impressed (although I do look enviously at her little mates Islabike!)

Beanbagtrap · 11/11/2022 19:38

Look at the bike club, or go on to one of the Facebook groups where they sell second hand Isla bikes, frog bikes, Woom bikes.

Nyancat · 11/11/2022 19:40

Frog or vitus are both great though I think their prices have gone up recently. The good thing about them, and islabike is that they are generally really well looked after by owners so 2nd hand can still be in perfect condition

KirstysDad · 11/11/2022 19:41

Second hand Islabikes. We did Frog, was OK, but not as good as a used Islabike would have been, and didn't have as good resale value.

Namechangeforthis88 · 11/11/2022 19:41

When we lived in a posher area it was all about the Frog bikes.

IhearyouClemFandango · 11/11/2022 19:43

Frog are great, as are the Wiggins range that Halfords either still do or used to do. We tend to pick some up second hand when needed.

Iwritethissittinginthekitchensink · 11/11/2022 19:44

Squish bikes are good and seem a bit cheaper than Islabikes.

ControversialSuggestion · 11/11/2022 19:45

we had a ridgeback ‘dimension’ that was honestly just as good especially after eg 8 and if child not tiny but equally there’s nothing as good value as an islabike if you have 2+ children and consider the resale value. Also, my kids have long legs and are on adult bikes from 10 minimum so always check whether you can skip a size.

KitchenSupper · 11/11/2022 19:46

We have some nice lightweight bikes from decathlon. Having said that, my kids were riding an incredibly heavy 12” bike without stabilisers aged two, so I’m not completely convinced it’s important.

IkaBaar · 11/11/2022 19:46

Have a look on the Cyclesprog website for recommendations for other makes? Carrera Cosmos are a cheaper alternative and really good value secondhand.

PaperwhiteTheGhost · 11/11/2022 19:49

I thought this was in Baby Names at first glance 🤣

As you were...

LaughingLemur · 11/11/2022 19:49

Can you maybe sell their old Isla bikes and use the money to buy second hand ones in the next size up? It's really easy to sell them for a good price.

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