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Gift ideas for DH

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BeanyBops · 20/10/2022 10:01

He doesn't know what he wants. He says this every bloody year! I've given him until 1st Nov to come up with some ideas but I'd also like to throw in some surprises for him. So, mumsnet present givers - here's the challenge!

Food that arrives ready to eat I. E. Not a cooking course kind kf guy (but we will buy a lot for Xmas in general and also he had requested chocolate for Xmas from his brother, also will put chocolate in his stocking)



Gaming (got him x Box stuff last year though)

Family stuff with our toddler

Hygge and cosiness type things

Open to skincare but not overly excited


Animals (dogs)

Coffee (Ive already booked him on a short barista course)

Going out to eat at cafes and local independents

Experience type gifts


Not interested in keeping up appearances or 'having the latest thing'

Fashion trends

Socks for xmas

Budget 50-100.

He is a truly excellent husband and great guy so deserves this effort I promise. Most of the time his lack of materialism is nice!

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BeanyBops · 20/10/2022 10:04

OH and he doesn't drink alcohol, so that rules out a lot of options too!

OP posts:
Fivemoreminutes1 · 20/10/2022 13:15

Hotel Chocolat velvetiser - ticks the hygge and gadget box and satisfies his love of chocolate!
Four Four Two magazine subscription

Margo34 · 20/10/2022 14:49

Capsule coffee machine or Aeropress coffee maker, plus some nice coffee

Segway Experience

Biscuiteers biscuits

New football kit or if he plays - football boots or bootbag?

MistressofMuppets · 20/10/2022 14:54

Seconding the velvetiser (or a dupe variety!)
I bought a dupe from amazon last black Friday and its hands down the most used kitchen gadget for DP and our 12 year old DD.
This is after DP said I was wasting money, and it'd never be used! Is used daily as it does milkshakes as well.
I'm diabetic so rarely indulge. But they both love it

PassThePringles · 20/10/2022 15:54

Blacksmith experience day. If he's ever watched Forged In Fire he'd probably like having a go at it himself. GoApe? For the both of you. Go-Karting is usually a hit. Voucher for a restaurant/cafe. iFly, indoor skydiving experience. Helicopter rides seem fun but they don't tend to last for too long. As for hygge, does camping/glamping come under that? Surely they do if you go while it's still cool weather, cosy blankets, listening to the rain, few candles and Netflix on the tablet... Or whatever else floats your boat. Oh, new wallet to hold the ( some will need printed off) vouchers 😁

laura1711 · 20/10/2022 17:34

I was going to say the Velvetiser too and currently there is a voucher for £25 on when buying direct 😊

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo · 20/10/2022 21:08

Velvetiser or milk frother thing that works the same (you can get latte sachets from hotel chocolat too)

Coffee bean grinder

Cashmere scarf

BeanyBops · 21/10/2022 06:51

Thanks so much for everyone's ideas! Unfortunately he doesn't like hot chocolate as its 'never chocolatey enough for him *launches into story about one time in Rome... Liquid chocolate... Shockingly expensive'. So the velvetizer is an expensive gamble. Might see if our local HC shop does samples though.

Fourfourtwo magazine not a bad shout!

He is indeed the biggest PITA for gifts.

OP posts:
declutteringmymind · 21/10/2022 07:01

A decent set of headphones

Sweetchildofmine19 · 21/10/2022 21:56

An oodie or cheaper alternative
Mini hamper with fav foods
book for kindle
football boots if he plays
latest top for football team he supports
coffee machine
echo dot if don’t already have one

NeverHadANickname · 22/10/2022 03:21

I always suggest this but you can get Gift boxes with snacks from around the world. You can get mixed ones or one from Japan for example. You can get them on Amazon.

CoffeethenCrochet · 22/10/2022 05:48

Indie coffee shop voucher trail in city/town near to you that he doesnt go to often > choose 3-4 indie coffee shops, print off a map on google, go on an adventure together to have a coffee/hot chocolate at each place 😊

BeanyBops · 22/10/2022 18:05

@CoffeethenCrochet i love that idea and I could actually go one further and design a food tour for him! He'd love that!

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