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Coffee maker thing

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dreamygirl25 · 19/10/2022 21:50

Please talk to me as if I know nothing about coffee makers. Because I mainly drink tea. I'm thinking pods /capsules

Id like to gift a coffee machine but the person it is for only shops at lidl and sometimes aldi (I know this because we share a love of these shops!) so what coffee machine could work with coffee pods/capsules or however they work. I know nothing about these, please someone spell it out Brew also, if relevant they have americano. They used to have a coffee machine which broke and they now use a French press.

OP posts:
dreamygirl25 · 19/10/2022 21:51

To be clear, I'd gift the coffee with it, but they'd want to buy replacements from lidl/aldi

OP posts:
StopDrivingIntoMyFence · 19/10/2022 21:52

What budget do you have for the gift?

AntiHop · 19/10/2022 21:59

Forget pods, go for an aeropress. You just need ground coffee. No need for pods, which are a waste of plastic.

dreamygirl25 · 20/10/2022 06:39

Definitely the information I need, thanks, can I get refills for this at these shops?

Maybe £ great if less

OP posts:
megacat · 20/10/2022 06:47

I got a dolce gusto mini pod machine and it's brilliant. You can usually get it on offer for about £30 from Argos/ curry's.

Aldi do dolce gusto compatible pods which are great, I presume Lidl do too.

SpamIAm · 20/10/2022 07:14

Lidl definitely do dolce gusto compatible pods.

KangarooKenny · 20/10/2022 07:15

I thought the Aeropress was a waste of money, it got chucked out.

batshitballs · 20/10/2022 07:15

Get an old fashioned coffee machine that works with ground coffee, not pods

DuneFan · 20/10/2022 07:16

AntiHop · 19/10/2022 21:59

Forget pods, go for an aeropress. You just need ground coffee. No need for pods, which are a waste of plastic.

Yes aeropress, makes lovely coffee and is about £25, spend the rest of your budget on some lovely coffee grounds to go with it.

Anniefrenchfry · 20/10/2022 07:17

Are they shopping in Lidl /Aldi due to budget constraints? Or because they like it?

becayde pods are the expensive way to have coffee. So I’d do a machine that uses ground coffee to make it more cost efficient if there was a budget concern

batshitballs · 20/10/2022 07:18


PosiePerkinPootleFlump · 20/10/2022 07:21

Aeropress and a hand grinder. Freshly ground beans make a huge difference

saraclara · 20/10/2022 07:25

I love my aeropress and would recommend it for anyone buying for themselves. But OP is buying a gift for someone whose coffee machine has broken, so presumably that person likes to make their coffee with pods?

saraclara · 20/10/2022 07:27

...unless it was a filter machine?

QueenOfWeeds · 20/10/2022 07:28

Another one who didn’t get on with aeropress. I thought it gave the coffee a funny aftertaste.

dreamygirl25 · 20/10/2022 09:30

Yes to clear things up, they use a French press note because their coffee pod machine broke. Also I think it didn't get hot enough. They liked it because they didn't have to do much, we just easy. Shop at those shops because they like them. I'm still feeling a bit confused but will check out the links above. Thanks!

OP posts:
PosiePerkinPootleFlump · 20/10/2022 09:56

V60 is also a good shout. And money left for filters and grinder that way too

pimlicoanna · 20/10/2022 09:58

I'm another one who thought the aeropress was rubbish. I got a Nespresso machine. I love it.

Cluckycluck · 20/10/2022 10:02

If they are looking for something easy I'd go for a Nespresso machine. You can buy compatible pods from everywhere.

I love my Nespresso, it's quick and easy with no faff. V60, aeropress and ground coffee machines are always faffy to me.

ShesThunderstorms · 20/10/2022 10:03

I love our nespresso. You could definitely get one in your price range. As long as you get the original style one, not a vertuo one, they'll be able to get pods for it anywhere- Aldi and Lidl included. I love some of the Aldi pods Brew

gogohmm · 20/10/2022 10:07

A cafetière is far better - double walled stainless steel (recently bought a great one from Amazon to replace a glass one I dropped), keeps it warm and Lidl's French blend ground coffee (£1.59 currently) will make 6-8 pots of strong coffee (enough for 3 large mugs)

caringcarer · 20/10/2022 10:10

Perhaps the friend liked the pods as only little bit of luxury they had so don't get airpress. Nespresso machine and pods sounds like this friend would appreciate it.

toastofthetown · 20/10/2022 10:15

PosiePerkinPootleFlump · 20/10/2022 09:56

V60 is also a good shout. And money left for filters and grinder that way too

I love my V60. Super cheap, makes delicious, clear tasting coffee, not going to break easily and the ongoing costs of filter papers is much less than pods. It can make a single cup or multiple cups if used with a carafe (as opposed to the Aeropress which only makes a cup at a time). Also if they want to start buying coffee from specialty roasters and grinding her own rather than buying supermarket preground then that doesn’t require a change in equipment like a pod machine would.

Another coffee product I haven’t tried, but am intrigued by is the Clever Dripper. Really easy to make coffee with: just add water, add coffee, wait and then release. Only makes one cup at a time though, if that’s a concern.

Do you know which coffee machine they had before and what they thought of it? Maybe they hadn’t replaced the machine because they weren’t too bothered about it.

averythinline · 20/10/2022 10:24

Nespresso things are easier ....but the coffee is never really hot hot as they dont boil is not really supposed to be made with boiling if they didn't replace if maybe they didn't really like it...

I would ask .... I've tried/got most types of coffee makers and reverted back to a basic filter for volume and a single cup filter/v60 for just 1 cup..
Occasionally use espresso machine if just need a hit rather than a cup...

Lidl Guatemalan coffee in the purple packet is a favourite.....

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