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Hooded Blankets

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lotsofthingstolearn · 27/08/2022 10:23

So, considering the energy bill hike, I am in the market for hooded blankets

I've seen loads of discussion on here about them but at the time I've skipped past them

Are Oodies worth it? We have the much coveted fleece minion hooded blanket things from Primark that I picked up last year but it is also fairly thin.

I am not sure if more expensive ones are worth it etc. (I"ve spent the morning looking for slippers and the like)


If you’ve landed here looking for blanket hoodies, including info on Oodies plus more budget-friendly recommendations, we’ve recently updated our best blanket hoodie page with lots of great options, as rated and loved by Mumsnet users. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
Ihatemyroad · 27/08/2022 11:59

I’m looking at these too and I think lots of people will buying or getting these as presents this year. I’m hoping to buy mine in the next couple of weeks before they’re either so popular they become hard to get hold of or the prices go up!

Everywhere seems to have them from The Range, New Look, Next through to more expensive brands.

I’m buying for women and like the ones they have in New Look and Next.

lotsofthingstolearn · 27/08/2022 15:08

I agree. But I can't work out what the difference is with the expensive ones.

OP posts:
Floralnomad · 27/08/2022 15:11

We have Oodies , they are excellent and I’m 5’8” and it’s still plenty big / long enough . I was out this week and picked up a Primark type for my daughter as she finds her Oodie a bit too bulky and the primark ones are much thinnner .

OrangeBananaFish · 27/08/2022 15:18

I love my Primark one. I got it last year on a whim and I love love love it. I thought it was really warm and snuggly. Not thin at all. DD2 now has 3. Mine is pink with donuts on and apparently I look like Mr Blobby, but I don't care. It keeps me lovely and toasty warm

Devo1818 · 28/08/2022 10:19

Oodies are BOGOF at the moment.

I got ours from and they are lovely and warm (and very cheap)

GettingStuffed · 28/08/2022 19:54

I have a kuddly, it's beaten oodies in some comparisons. It's very warm and I live in the south West so it was too warm some days. This year I bought a thinner Primark on for the milder days.

TooMinty · 28/08/2022 20:09

Not quite what you asked but don't buy slippers, get fake Ugg boots and wear them as slippers. Primark do good ones, I have also had some from Next that were cosy and this year have treated myself to FatFace as I had a voucher and they have a sale.

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