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Gifts that went down well with your difficult men

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RockingMyFiftiesNot · 03/01/2022 14:21

Every year there are multiple threads from posters looking for present inspiration for their difficult to buy for man/men (DTBFM)
I thought it might be worth capturing gifts that hit the mark this Christmas, to help with birthdays throughout the year.

Biggest hits for my DTBFM:
He bought a jumper for himself before Christmas which he really liked, I bought the same one in a different colour which he loved.
He'd also bought for himself some shoes, couldn't decide between two colours, i said he should buy both but he didn't so I went back and bought the ones he didn't.
He seemed very taken with the magnetic wristband for nails/screws which I've seen suggested on MN for a few years now but didn't think he'd appreciate it - turns out he did!
Travel guides for places he's said he'd like to visit eventually.
An upgrade of his favourite brandy.
A couple of bottles of a wine he gushed about in a restaurant on holiday.
Bizarrely, he's always happy with new socks as not the sort of thing he'll buy himself.
There were other bits and pieces too but I think the above were the most warmly received.
Oh and DD1 bought her boyfriend a case of a particular beer he likes. It's quite expensive so he doesn't buy it for himself very often, he was delighted with it. He's not a difficult to buy for person as he tells her what he'd like, but she loves thinking of something, no matter how small, that will surprise him.

Looking forward to hearing about other DTBFM successes!

OP posts:
LashesZ · 03/01/2022 20:42

A comfy (£25 version of oodie from Costco). I bought one recently and I caught him wearing mine Grin

GettingStuffed · 03/01/2022 21:07

We gave our son-in-law a sundial/ compass made from old ships brass. Like this but in a much nicer box

lucysmam · 03/01/2022 21:27

@RockingMyFiftiesNot any chance of a link to the wristband, please? I think I know someone who would appreciate that!

The2Omicronnies · 03/01/2022 21:41

Perfect Draft beer pump was a huge success!

DoodleBelle · 03/01/2022 21:43

A towelling robe went down very well with DH

Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese · 03/01/2022 21:46

Skull shaped pick holders. Literally a last minute buy from etsy as he said he would like a pick holder for his guitar picks...

He has a few decorative skulls, so they fit in.

And as always socks, he loves odd socks.

EwwSprouts · 03/01/2022 21:46

Wool beanie hat with inbuilt light for putting out bins and walking dog in the dark. I think it cost about £9! DH loves it.
^^This was a huge hit with Ddad.

DH loves his wildlife camera that is movement activated to take photos at night to see what wildlife visits.

GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough · 03/01/2022 21:51

I upgraded my dh headband ear phone eye mask thing to a wireless one he loves it can charge his phone at the same time as using it. Also a telescopic torch for his kit car to get in all the bends he thought that was amazing too 🤣

Jota67 · 03/01/2022 21:54

A calendar with lots of photos which are meaningful to him

A monogrammed hip flask

Impossible to find trainers that I hunted for worldwide for 2 months

Shower bath bombs for th shower

TotoAnnihiliation · 03/01/2022 22:05


My dad is really hard to buy for
Two things in the past he loved
A mobile phone/watch stand that has a built in slot for chargers and holds loose change etc
And bizarrely Grin of of those plastic fortune telling fish. Yes the cheap ones that curl up in your hand. He had never seen one before and spent the whole day "telling peoples fortunes"

Have you got a link for the mobile stand? It sounds ideal for my dad 😊 thank you.
RockingMyFiftiesNot · 03/01/2022 22:59

[quote lucysmam]@RockingMyFiftiesNot any chance of a link to the wristband, please? I think I know someone who would appreciate that![/quote]
Sure here you go

OP posts:
Nemorth · 03/01/2022 23:05

My DH is not a DTBFM but the unexpected hit was a lensrappa by Dundas and Burgun

I'd like one myself actually!

piefacedClique · 03/01/2022 23:10

An oddballs boxer shorts subscription! New pants and socks every month! Both my husband and fin had one and are loving their jazzy new boxers!

Sunsetsupernova · 03/01/2022 23:11

A Sodastream was by far the most successful present here. He’s using it so much I’m slightly concerned about the cost of replacement gas!

babybrain77 · 03/01/2022 23:13

PJ bottoms from Fatface (now in the sale!). DH harped on for ages about how they were the perfect combination of sturdy but comfy, good pockets, quality drawstring. Who knew PJ's could be such a hit... I've already bought 2 more pairs ready for his birthday.

crumpet · 03/01/2022 23:17

Membership of a whisky society
Fingerless sports gloves

Groovytiger · 04/01/2022 01:16

A coffee machine and copious amounts of Biltong

RestingStitchFace · 04/01/2022 07:51

My DH is into music. Bought him a biog of Kraftwerk and a couple of 33/3 books about favourite albums of his. And a massive Toblerone. He was chuffed to bits.

TotoAnnihiliation · 04/01/2022 16:39

@MaybeHeIsMyCat that is perfect - thank you !

Lacedwithgrace · 04/01/2022 16:43

Personlised lego that looks like us,
A couple of pairs of vans to replace his worn out converse- he still hasn't stopped raving about them to his friends,
Night vision animal camera

actiongirl1978 · 04/01/2022 16:52

I bought my Irish DH a box of 24 packs of Taytos. Massive hit.

actiongirl1978 · 04/01/2022 16:53

@Sunsetsupernova we use a canister every three weeks for a family of four with heavy fizzy water needs. I get the replacement gas from The Range as its cheapest there.

FoxgloveSummers · 04/01/2022 16:53

He bought a jumper for himself before Christmas which he really liked, I bought the same one in a different colour which he loved. Funny you say that @RockingMyFiftiesNot - I did the same and it went down brilliantly!

And weirdly, a scented candle. I think his wife had to actually put a match to it first time but he then loved it. Probably a bit like with the dad with the flowers above, he's never had one before.

Lovely framed photo of the two of us together.

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