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Recommendations pls- Men’s skincare

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sjxoxo · 02/12/2021 20:04

Hello wise women of mn, I need your help!
DH has never had a skincare routine- he’s not really interested in that sort of thing BUT his skin is suffering. Dry, with some sore patches and some eczema (not bad but still). He needs a decent moisturiser. He has started using a L’Oréal men’s one we’ve had in the bathroom cupboard for ages; it’s helping a bit in places but I’d like to get him a nice, soothing, moisturising cream for Xmas. Something lovely to use.

What do your hubby’s use if anything?
If you are knowledgable on skincare, which men’s moisturiser do you really rate?

He is 33.
I don’t think he will use something he considers ‘for women’ 😑 even with very dry skin.

Thanks all in advance! Xo

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ThankYouVeryMuchGerry · 02/12/2021 20:58

I get my OH and my SS Elemis - they do products for very dry skin (think its called SOS), and they are in smart black packaging.

They both like them and have great skin. You can usually get sets on QVC at this time of year.

SmallProvincial · 02/12/2021 21:09

I sometimes buy DH Kiehls face stuff as a gift and it always goes down well.

Newdad19 · 02/12/2021 22:07

I'm a man and have been sampling a few different ones lately. Have really liked the khiels one.

For a more day to day and relief for dry skin though I find Aveeno is great

RockingMyFiftiesNot · 02/12/2021 22:35

I bought my DH some Liz Earle, having loved the female version. He's not one for male skincare but this converted him

mobear · 02/12/2021 22:37

My partner used Aesop, it smells lovely and seems to work well.

sjxoxo · 03/12/2021 05:28

Thankyou very much all!! A few repeat suggestions so will see Father Xmas can find 😉 xo

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