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Balance bike

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Tjsmjs · 25/11/2021 13:55

Hi all I was wondering if people could make a recommendation for a balance bike?
DS just turned 2 this month. His development has been mildly delayed (walked at 18.5 months), just starting to run (has been under physio for hyper mobility) so I don’t know if that will affect choice. I’m not sure if he is quite ready but thought it would be something he could grow into. He has one of those beehive bikes that he will ride slowly but seems a bit small for him now. Should I wait until he is 3 or is there a bike someone would recommend? He is also 75th cent for height and weight.

This thread is a little old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’ve landed here looking for a balance bike for your child, we’ve recently updated our best balance bikes page with lots of great options, as tried and tested by Mumsnet users and their kids. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
minipie · 25/11/2021 14:20

We had a Strider which got good reviews and has a large adjustment range so I figured it would last a while.

I have to say though, it barely got used, as DD much preferred a scooter. My DD has coordination issues and some hyper mobility too so I wonder if she found the bike too hard for that reason.

If you have friends who have them I wonder if you could borrow for a day and see if DS takes to it?

apinions · 25/11/2021 14:39

My DC also didn't get on with balance bikes and they are also hypermobile. They loved their scooters, and also their tricycle. Had no problems when they were older learning to ride bike using stabilisers. So I'd definitely not spend a lot on a balance bike, if you can't try one first.

LakeShoreD · 25/11/2021 14:43

I’d have him try one first to see if he likes it. Mine didn’t get on with a balance bike at all and from what I hear a lot of kids don’t. I definitely wouldn’t get one as a Christmas present.

TulipsGarden · 25/11/2021 14:47

In my experience balance bikes are usually too big and heavy until children reach around three. There are lighter ones but they're super expensive, and honestly a scooter or trike seems far more popular. I think bikes are quite hard work when you're two!

Amazingblossoms · 25/11/2021 14:50

My son had a wooden Joey bike.

They take a little getting used to but once he was off there was no stopping him.

When he was old enough for a pedal bike he pretty much hopped straight on and took minutes to get the hang of it. Cycling has been a huge enjoyment for him.

He started walking at 18 months too.

He's autistic and can be quite cautious but cycling gives him a real sense of freedom and confidence. And it's been great for exercise and adventure.

Tjsmjs · 25/11/2021 14:52

Hi thanks all. He’s my first and large age gap between him and his cousins (all my DH side so first my side). I’m never sure with any of these things and hoping to find something to encourage his physical activity. Maybe we should be looking at a scooter instead or and wait until he his 3 for a bike or would you all wait for that to. He has a push along trike which we have been using since last year, which he loves sitting on. Unfortunately no one locally the same age that we can borrow to try either first.

OP posts:
yoshiblue · 25/11/2021 14:54

From memory our son got a 3 wheel mini micro scooter at 2 and a decathlon balance bike at 3. Got lots of use out of both.

Tjsmjs · 25/11/2021 14:59

@Amazingblossoms. That’s helpful for hear. DS has a speech delay as well, he has some single words now but nowhere near what I hear from others at toddler groups. He can communicate his needs- point, wave etc but these came late and he also has a few other signs of autism. We are awaiting our development assessment next month and may be looking at referral so it is useful to know of one that may be better suited.

OP posts:
jazzandh · 25/11/2021 15:00

We had an Islabike Rohan for my second DS which was very lightweight and had a brake etc. Expensive but hold their value - you lose very little when you resell it.

minipie · 25/11/2021 15:09

A scooter was an absolute godsend for DD who was a reluctant/slow/easily tired walker. We had a mini micro and it got used and used, really helped get her out of the buggy and I think it helped with her core stability too. When they get tired of scooting you can pull them along on it, or hook it on the buggy which is much harder with a balance bike. Was still using it to get to school in R and Y1.

I would recommend it. Lots available second hand.

Off topic but swimming lessons were also really good for DD.

Tjsmjs · 25/11/2021 17:33

@minipie thanks that is great. DS is great once he gets going now but is reluctant at times to get out the buggy. I’d like to encourage him so maybe the scooter is the way to go. I’ll take a look for one of those mini micros.
We are taking swimming lessons- covid didn’t help with lots of stopping and starting but hopefully they’ll keep going now. I’ve heard they are brilliant for hyper mobility.

OP posts:
Cacee3029 · 25/11/2021 18:19

Dd is hypermobile and developmentally delayed. She had a banana balance bike. She loved it and was really good. Can get them on Amazon.

MWestie · 25/11/2021 20:21

Would agree with majority that micro scooters are fab when they're very little and then graduate to balance bike age DS had a Strider and it was great, not heavy at all and we did the same setup afterwards with his little sister.

user33323 · 25/11/2021 20:29

Vitus Nippy weighs just under a Strider and is a third of the price. We had a heavy balance bike and made no progress, swapped it for a Vitus Nippy and my son was doing huge ramps in the skate park the same day, and road a bike with pedals without needing any practice once he'd outgrown the Nippy. He absolutely loved that thing, even more than his pedal bike tbh.

KittenKong · 25/11/2021 20:31

A friend is bike mad and got his children Puky bikes and took the pedals off when they were small.

Rainallnight · 25/11/2021 20:31

We have a Hornit balance bike for DS and he absolutely adores it. I do too because it’s super super light for when I inevitably have to end up carrying it sometimes.

metellaestinatrio · 25/11/2021 20:31

Agree with others - both mine started with a scooter at 2 and used them all the time. Scooters are much easier to hook onto the buggy when they get tired and need a sit down. DC1 never had a balance bike but got a regular bike with stabilisers at 4 and can now, at 5, ride without them. DC2 got a balance bike at 3 (a Strider, which is generally great but quite heavy to carry around) and is a fan. The only problem is that she can’t keep up with DC1 on his proper bike which causes a few tears, but when I’m on my own with her she loves her bike. I don’t think either of them would have been bothered about a balance bike at 2.

Loopyloulou007 · 25/11/2021 20:34

I had a likAbike. Lasted 3 kids. Made of wood, super durable wheels, height adjustable seat. All my kids whizzed around like a bit of lightening. Went straight onto, just getting on a bike, within the day had mastered the peddling. Get some good shoes, with rubber toes as they went through shoes, like no one's business, to stop. You will keep fit also, chasing, trying to catch up with them.

kowari · 25/11/2021 20:37

DS used his balance bike from two and a half. It was a cheap wooden one from Aldi and very light, he wasn't tall enough until then so likely could have been okay earlier if the seat went lower. He rode a pedal bike from three and a bit but used his balance bike as well until four. He's hypermobile but wasn't delayed, walked at 11 months.

mafsfan · 25/11/2021 20:43

Chicco balance bikes! A lot of kids bikes are ridiculously heavy but these are really light and super cheap! Then it's worth spending more on their next bikes to get the lightest possible. We always get Islabikes.

OnTheBenchOfDoom · 25/11/2021 20:46

Balancing is the hardest part of bike riding, Ds2 had a balance bike and found it better than a scooter because with a scooter you are standing the whole time, at least with the bike you are sat down and using both legs.

Ds1 missed the balance bike window but was tall for his age so had a bike with stabilisers, when he outgrew that bike the next one up didn't come with stabilisers as they were considered to be for older children. When we asked about stabilisers, the man in the bike shop said put him on his old bike, lower the seat, remove the pedals and learn to balance, when he masters that put the pedals back on. Worked well so Ds2 just got a balance bike.

Both of mine had scooters from 3 years old.

Finchgold · 25/11/2021 21:00

Gumtree is your friend here. My son had a Puky from age 2 which we got for £20. He got the hang of it pretty fast. We tend to use the scooter for city streets and the bikes for parks or bumpy paths.

minipie · 26/11/2021 16:17

Yes we also created a balance bike by buying an Islabike cnoc and temporarily removing the pedals. It’s a good way to learn to ride a bike, better than stabilisers IMO

This was when she was much older though, maybe 4 or 5

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