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Doll for 2 year old

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AnxiousFTM · 01/11/2021 18:07

Looking for recommendations for a doll for my 2 year old daughter, there seem to be so many. Which dolls have your little ones enjoyed the most? Is it worth spending more on a baby Annabelle type one or an interactive one at this age?

This thread is quite old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’ve landed here looking for a doll for your child, we’ve recently updated our best dolls page with lots of great options, as tried and tested by Mumsnet users and their kids. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

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ninecoronas · 01/11/2021 22:40

Mine loved her Miniland baby doll, it smells of vanilla for some reason and is hard, not cuddly, but she took it to bed with her every night and absolutely doted on it! You can get little clothes for them as an extra.


Mykittensmittens · 01/11/2021 22:44

My daughter loved baby Stella. Lots of accessories and clothes and a cute magnetic dummy. Very nice size and soft, so it’s a good one for both play and cuddles/taking to bed.

DD is now 13 and the doll is still in bed with her!!


TurnUpTurnip · 01/11/2021 22:45

You can get interactive ones for cheaper tbh my daughter loves dolls but I find the baby born / baby annabel so over priced, I got her a lovely interactive one from Asda for £18 I think I would go for the cheaper ones for now


DockOTheBay · 01/11/2021 22:50

Highly recommend the bonikka baby dolls. Really soft and cuddly, easy to carry around for little ones


EcoCustard · 01/11/2021 22:51

The doll that both my girls (dd5 & dd4) love came from Asda and cost £8 a few years when eldest dd was about 18 months. She has a soft body and does nothing. They have Annabelles, had interactive ones, baby born dolls and some get played with and some have gone to the charity shop. The Asda doll is still played with daily, taken for walks, dressed etc. I put her in the washing machine when a little grubby and she looks like new. Mine play less with interactive dolls,


AnxiousFTM · 02/11/2021 08:12

Thanks everyone. Have the ones with or without hair been more popular?

OP posts:

ITSSSSCHRISTMASSS · 02/11/2021 19:34

Personally I wouldn’t spend a lot of money, not for a 2 yo. The cheap Asda or other supermarket ones are just as good for that age. Something with a soft tummy that giggles or speaks. You can also get hard body ones to play with in the bath.

If she still likes dolls in a couple of years then you can look at the more expensive ones.


HomeSliceKnowsBest · 02/11/2021 20:10

DD7 has ADORED Baby Alive Lilly. Lilly has accompanied us through so much of the past 5 years that I feel she is part of the family. She costs £12.99 on Amazon (bargain) and the The Lilly And Mommy Show on YouTube is fantastic!
DD has also loved Baby Born and Tiny Tears Dolls and Luvabella (who I'm convinced will murder us in our sleep).


Cherryrainbow · 02/11/2021 21:54

My daughter has just turned 1 she loves the chad valley dolls, ordered from argos. They're very cute, reasonably priced and come with nice accessories/outfits etc. Was great value as I wasn't sure if she would be into dolls so didnt want to spend a fortune x

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