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Present ideas/stocking ideas for 9 month old boy

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Ghostlygrapes · 28/10/2020 20:58

DS will be 9 months old at Christmas and I have no idea what to buy him. I was thinking getting some clothes and things he needs but I’d also like to get him a few toys. What stuff did you get your 9 month old? And also what should I put in his stocking?

OP posts:
gigglingHyena · 28/10/2020 21:05

Stacking cups, we had a set with holes in the bases that doubled as bath toys.

Pepperwand · 28/10/2020 21:11

My eldest was 10 months at Christmas. We got him

Fisher price nesting egg
Galt pop up toy
Toy telephone and remote control as he loved pressing the buttons.
Ride on.
Nice hooded towel.

Stockings I always put useful bits and bobs in so toothbrush, flannel, bubble bath, socks, sippy cup, fruit and veg pouches etc.

Ghostlygrapes · 28/10/2020 21:18

Thank you! That’s really helpful

OP posts:
TheresALight · 28/10/2020 21:21

I second filling the stocking with bits that you need anyway.
Character toothbrush and paste
New dummies (if you use them)
Bubble bath
Favourite snacks
I think I also put in Christmas Booties

I wrapped up a lot of clothes for my kids first Christmas too as it was am excuse to treat them (myself) to slightly more upmarket items than I would normally buy! We had a mini ball pit and balls for our 7 month old, musical toys and bath toys. Can't find the photo to check if we got anything else!

Ghostlygrapes · 28/10/2020 21:23

Thank you @TheresALight, I definitely want to wrap up a few bits of clothing

OP posts:
GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER · 29/10/2020 08:02

The pop up wooden toy, 4 little coloured peg figures in holes, is brilliant. Dds had one, and Gdcs have almost exactly the same. I think it’s Galt - and no plastic!

Fivemoreminutes1 · 29/10/2020 08:16

That’s Not My Snowman book

GAW19 · 29/10/2020 08:22

We got my 6 month old last year,
-play balls
-shape sorter

We didn't see a point in getting loads of toys, plus family got her some too.
We did get her clothes and little bits and bobs too Smile

GAW19 · 29/10/2020 08:24

Oh, and the works did 10 for £10 on their children's books so we got a mixture of Christmas and 'normal' books to read to her Smile

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 29/10/2020 08:25

For DD1 first Chris, we put an elf costume in the stocking which was her outfit for the day. Also a little book (nativity story, or you could put a booklike 'thats not my' series.

Bath toy of some sort.
Pop up tunnel or playtent.

Adelais · 29/10/2020 13:39

My dd will be 10 months this Christmas and I’ve got her a wooden Noah’s Ark and animals and a wooden Pram both from Aldi. Also got her a soft doll and some animal puppets.
For her stocking she has socks and bath toys. This age is great when you don’t have to spend much Smile

Pepperwand · 29/10/2020 14:02

Oh also if you don't have it, maybe a copy of "The Night Before Christmas." DH still has his copy from childhood with a written message from his grandparents who have sadly now both passed away and we've read it every Christmas Eve since the DC were born. It's very special.

Ghostlygrapes · 29/10/2020 15:38

Thank you so much everyone

OP posts:
Equimum · 29/10/2020 16:25

For my first son’s first Christmas, I filled his stocking with little wooden musical instruments - castanets, shakers, rainmakers etc. He loved it (& there are still a few of the bits lurking round the house now, seven years on)

Londonmummy66 · 29/10/2020 17:46

I'd also put in quite a bit of scrunched up wrapping paper as that is what my DC were most interested in at that age.........

Camomila · 30/10/2020 08:27

DS2 will be 11m,
he's getting a wooden shopping trolley to use as a walker, and a plastic (toddler) marble run. His big brother wants to buy him a toy remote control.
He has all his brothers old stackers/rattles etc so doesn't need any baby toys.

We stockings on the 6th Jan and put oranges, sweets (not for baby!) and small toys in them - I might buy him a bamboo suction plate for that bit (because I like them).

Persipan · 30/10/2020 21:36

I have indulged myself in getting him a rather beautiful ABC book (seriously, it's gorgeous) and I'll probably get him a few other books. Probably also a couple of nice wooden toys and maybe some funky patterned clothes (he's mainly styled by eBay, so new things would make a change). I am also really tempted to give him a box of tissues and let him pull them all out; I expect he'd enjoy that!

When I was growing up, Father Christmas always brought you a new outfit to wear on Christmas Day, so I'll probably adopt that tradition, plus get him a few little stocking bits. I don't get people who give Santa the credit for big presents, though - so far as I'm concerned, he just brings things to keep you busy for a while until the day gets going.

Persipan · 30/10/2020 21:42

Oh and (this is rather niche)... when my mum died six years ago, I was really sad that if I ever had a baby, it wouldn't get things she'd made for it.

And then, a few years later when we were finally sorting through her things, we found a stash of several partially-completed soft toys, which presumably she intended for some child or other in the wider family. So I kept the bits, and i thought if I ever did get there, I'd finish them off and pass them on. So, he'll be getting a yellow knitted camel courtesy of his grandma. (I'd probably make him something myself, if it weren't for that.)

00100001 · 30/10/2020 21:45

My DNiece will be 1year. Her mum is putting fruit (plum, satsuma, apple, pear etc), Toothbrush and toothpaste (tradition!) some finger puppets and a wee book in there.

Oh! And a scratchcard (another tradition)

00100001 · 30/10/2020 22:12

Oh, I'm getting her a shape shorter.

Gran is getting her wooden blocks.

Uncle getting her some books

Think her mum and Da, are getting her a prebalance bike and they have a xylophone put by as well.

Bikingbear · 31/10/2020 08:57

9mths I'd think about a walker, vtech sort, a brick trolley, or fisher price did one you could put a doll in.

I'd also consider a Mini micro scooter with the seat, it can be used as a ride on from a year so by spring you can use it - actually that might be better as a 1st birthday idea.

Stocking, the regulars in my stockings are socks, at that age bibs, dummies if you use them, book, and a cuddly toy poking its head out the top.

KitKatastrophe · 31/10/2020 15:57

We got my daughter a walker for her first christmas at that age. Alternatively one of those activity cubes.

For a stocking, just bits and Bob's like socks, bubble bath, bibs, books


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