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Man gifting

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Upsidedownfrown · 28/06/2020 09:45

Every year I fail when it comes to gifts for the men! Brothers, dads, Grandads... Every year I try to think of something lovely and every year I inevitably default to a bottle of something, nice chocolates and a gift voucher.

For the women in my family I always put together a nice stocking or hamper of bits they like - beauty bits they enjoy, nice soaps, cosy socks... Just bits and bobs I know they like. But the men in my family aren't into anything in particular! For example, I have 1 man who is late 30s, well paid job, buys things he wants throughout the year, no kids, no hobbies. And another of the men is retired, enjoys his dog and walking but has everything he needs for walking. Likes to read but uses a kindle now and has prime reading. Literally cannot think of any physical thing I could gift him.

I need inspiration! Most of them live a couple of hundred miles away so I don't even know of any favourite restaurants I could buy vouchers for.

Do you guys have a go to gift for men that want nothing/have everything?

OP posts:
tentative3 · 28/06/2020 10:41

If you do have to buy gifts, then my advice would be take the pressure off and just get them the gift card and don't worry about it. If you want to make it a bit more personal than look for an independent book shop, most people who love reading would happily have that kind of voucher I'd have thought, regardless of also owning a kindle. Same if you get a bottle of something, go to a decent wine shop, small independent or local chain if poss, and either get a recommendation or a voucher. I get that it feels impersonal but it's better than wasting money on stuff they won't use or getting multiple smaller, less quality things, in my opinion. If you know they eat cheese a cheese delivery would be cool, have done that for my father in law before and he loved it.

I would actually rather that than the smellies/socks hamper you've mentioned above, and I'm a woman. I have 2 lovely friends who I adore who get me presents like that and I just never use the stuff. But, you say you know these women well so presumably you're confident they like the hampers.

Clift19 · 03/07/2020 08:32

If any of them are big chocolate eaters, make them a chocolate bouquet! Get all their favourite ones and arrange them nicely, looks better than just wrapping up bars but they'll probably appreciate it too!

Or if you have someone that enjoys a drink, try getting a large beer glass (maybe get one personalised!) pop in a mini bottle of alcohol (whichever they favour) or 2, add a mini mixer can (or 2) maybe a packet of nuts and wrap in cellophane bag!

In my experience food ALWAYS wins with men! Grab a basket and fill it with their favourite food and drinks. Chocolate, sweets, candy, nuts, pork scratching, crisps etc. Through in a few beers or mini alcohols and you're done! My FIL has a severe bad back so barely leaves the house and this went down a treat with him last year!

Hope these help!

Duchessofealing · 03/07/2020 08:46

Books, wine, good walking socks, gloves, glasses cloths, hand warmers (for cold days walking), sheepskin insoles for shoes, specialist chocolates (my dad adores chocolate gingers), lovely slippers, a good scented candle (there are some lovely log fire ones), a fantastic corkscrew, good shower gel, you can send meat hampers or like PP ones with cheese in - or send them smoked salmon and champagne for a Boxing Day breakfast. I buy the same things for the men in my life as I do the women - something they will use but that is the best or luxury version of it.

Montysmam1 · 03/07/2020 08:50

I've had some quirky, personalised gifts from this company, they will send them direct too, which helps with the distance. x

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