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Can anyone recommend a Styling/makeup head toy

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tismoi · 26/10/2019 12:21

My 5 year old has been an absolute champ this year and I would really like to surprise her this Christmas by finally getting one of these styling heads.

I've so far resisted as to be honest they look like they'd last 5 minutes, too light to stay upright so being a bit of a disappointment...with the added bonus of 100 pieces of plastic to scatter far and wide.

Been looking online but it's really hard to tell what they're like so hoping there's someone here who could help recommend one?

OP posts:

Ricekrispie22 · 26/10/2019 13:07

The Chad Valley one is good and my dd loved the hair dryer that came with it.


Muddlewitch · 26/10/2019 14:20

I got one from eBay for DD2 when she was younger, which was aimed at trainee hair stylists rather than a toy as such. It was really good and lasted much better than the toy ones DD1 had had for around the same price. Search for 'styling head' in the salon equipment section.


tismoi · 26/10/2019 20:12

Excellent, will take a look for both
Thank you!

OP posts:

theboywonteat · 26/10/2019 20:56

We got a Bayer Design one from Amazon for DD last year & I must say she has played with it a lot over the last year. She likes to play with it whilst I am brushing her own hair. It has a big base so is really sturdy and the hair is glossy & doesn’t seem to get knotty.

The only thing I will say against it is that the hair is layered, so it’s harder to do things like braids - it’d be much better if it were all one length.


mamabluestar · 27/10/2019 11:54

I came on to say I bought my daughter a hairdressers styling head. The one we bought came with a clamp, so she could attach it to her desk, but to be honest it's sturdy enough to use without. She loves it, I'm planning on buying my 12yo niece one for Christmas as she always plays with it when she visits


Macmaccat · 27/10/2019 17:24

My daughter had the hairdresser one that you clamp to you table in secret Santa one year. It was fabulous. Lots of lovely hair and never needed to use the clamp. She’s outgrown it now (she’s 14) but I’ve bought her little sister one from wilko. It was only 7£ and small. She’s only tiny (3) and I didnt want to pay a lot as I know the hair will end up a tangled mess in a few weeks

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