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Doll for 1 year old

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Eminybob · 10/11/2018 13:30

What would be a good doll to buy for my 1 year old niece?
SIL has suggested getting one, but not a particular kind, but has said one that she can maybe get clothes for in the future. So I’m thinking one that you can buy accessories for to be added to at a later date?
Her birthday is just before Xmas so the doll for their birthday then accessories for Xmas maybe?

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IamChipmunk · 10/11/2018 14:23

My dd has a my first baby annabel. I'm adding bits to it as she gets older. You can buy diferent clothes, she has a couple of outfits and im going to get a sleeping bag for her for it for xmas!
Ive also bought a potty and nappies from wilko for her 'babies'!


Eminybob · 10/11/2018 14:53

Thanks, I was looking at that one but wasn’t sure if it has as many accessories as the normal baby Annabelle.

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LittleRedYoshi · 10/11/2018 20:31

Is it a baby doll you're after, or just a general doll? If not a baby doll then the Bigjigs rag doll style ones are lovely, but reasonably priced, and there's a good choice of additional outfits you can buy. My DD is 14 months and loves hers.


Waterlemon · 10/11/2018 23:54

Baby Stella is perfect for a 1 yr old!

Lots on amazon


Isadora2007 · 11/11/2018 00:43

The my first anabel was a firm favourite here- perfect size for a wee one.


Eminybob · 11/11/2018 06:56

Thanks all. I’m going to get the my first Annabelle. My only concern is that as it is a bit smaller than the standard Annabelle dolls the clothes and accessories you can get will be too big? Or are there specific clothes and stuff for the smaller one? I haven’t seen any if there are.

OP posts:

MrsFoxPlus4 · 11/11/2018 07:25

I can remember my first doll was a baby born. And my gran knit all its clothes. I wish I kept some.


IamChipmunk · 13/11/2018 21:52

Not sure about sizes but the clothes i have fit. I just google 'my first baby annabelle accessories'


VanellopeVonSchweetz99 · 13/11/2018 23:15

100% one that can go in water (bath, sink, paddling pool, hours of fun!) without going mouldy and horrible inside (like the peeing dolls).

Got one for DS when he was around 1, played with it loads, DD took over and she still plays with it at 7,5, more than any other baby dolls.

The one I'm thinking of is slightly smaller than a realistic baby doll, has a soft body (stuffed with plastic beads I think) and plastic limbs and head, no anatomical torso details if yswim. It's a well known brand, Anabelle I think. I peg it up after a bath and it dries quickly. Very well made, certainly not the cheapest. I'll google now.

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