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Please share your successful gifts for husbands/partners

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Lolly567 · 25/08/2018 10:44

I know there’s a few old threads on here but thought I’d start a new one for ideas.

Past successes for me over the years have included a date a month scrap book which had in it tickets to football games and concerts and cash for meals and planned day trips away (but took a long time to make and very expensive when you add it up but i suppose its money we’d spend throughout the year on entertainment anyway), a Bluetooth speaker before the days of alexis, a music sampler he’s always wanted, a magnetic bowl for screws and things (stocking), a gridit, little Lego sets (big kid at heart), dinosaur nanoblock (stocking), nice clothbound edition of a book he wanted to read, fancy rum, cute rum miniatures (stocking), hotel chocolate chocs, the usual socks/boxers, a snood, gloves and I can’t remember anything else!

Please share your ideas :D

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Soyalatteforme · 29/08/2018 20:18


TalkingOrmer · 29/08/2018 21:39

Thank you SoyaLatte that’s great, I’ll have a look.

loubielou31 · 29/08/2018 22:38

Photo books.
Maps, guide books for holiday places so we can plan.
Framing some photos and certificates that had been waiting for years.
Magazine subscription. (Private eye)

Didsomeonesaybunny · 29/08/2018 22:45

Cooking class at a Michelin starred restaurant
sky diving voucher
City breaks; Budapest, Italy, Copenhagen
Rapha bike wear
Wireless headphones
Beautiful shoes from Grenson/Churches/Ted Baker
Chanel Bleu (because I love how he smells with it)
Bottomless brunch
Cycle holiday
Gin tasting and tour

Mrsmadevans · 29/08/2018 23:00

Posh Car mats with the car make on it Hmm such a CHAV!!
Triplewax 1L Liquid Gold car shampoo
Uniden EZI-33 XLT Air band Radio Radio Scanner
Centre Loaded Mag Mount Scanner Antenna
ClimaxDigital VCAP800 VHS & Camcorder USB Video Capture Kit
Flexiseq Sport 100g Two Pack
Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men's Shoes
Sharpie W10 Permanent Markers, Chisel Tip
Amzdeal Lightweight Metal Detector with All-Metal & Discrimination Function
The World at War - The Ultimate DVD boxset
Captain america Floor Mat, Coir

Morethanthisprovincallife · 30/08/2018 09:05

What's a wallet ninja.

What's a projector for the phone.

My dh wears headphones all the time what are the best

Morethanthisprovincallife · 30/08/2018 09:06

What's the climax VHS disgital USB stick

beingsunny · 30/08/2018 09:08

Bose headphones, the noise cancelling Bluetooth ones. He loves them and uses them every day

Morethanthisprovincallife · 30/08/2018 09:09

My contribution.

Some red letter day stuff, driving rally /super car on track.

Skiing vouchers snow zone
Hotel vouchers
Google home etc
Really nice over coat
Sex toys.

heartofgold · 30/08/2018 09:13

tbf some of my best are pretty idiosyncratic:

a piece of 8
soyuz rocket key
crochet bender from futurama
articulated cardboard walter white (breaking bad)

Dadsbigsausages · 30/08/2018 09:14

My DH has little interest in anything other than work Hmm My gift successes in ten years have been:

Everlast notebook
Framed and signed Iron Man movie memorabilia
Tickets for Star Trek Convention

GingerAndTheBiscuits · 30/08/2018 09:26

Wallet Ninja is definitely going on the list for his stocking, thanks for the inspiration!

Mrsmadevans · 30/08/2018 09:34

Top Gear - The Complete Specials dvd boxset JC JM RH of course
Fireball Liqueur Blended With Cinnamon And Whisky 500ml
Wild bird feeders
outdoor wildlife camera night one to record the hedgies

Mrsmadevans · 30/08/2018 09:38

What's the climax VHS disgital USB stick?
this is a device for transferring vhs videos to a usb stick so you can watch them on your computer , phone and sgare them with your family friends

Mrsmadevans · 30/08/2018 09:40

Share Hmm

SummerintoAutumn · 30/08/2018 09:42

A Steak Stone for cooking steak at the table

dizzydaisies · 30/08/2018 09:51

Absolutely loving some of these ideas, thanks everyone!

Morethanthisprovincallife · 30/08/2018 10:19

Was it expensive does it work well? I have loads of old VHS I'd like to transfer.

WhatsGoingOnEh · 30/08/2018 10:32

A cashmere football scarf. Loved it.

CherryPlum · 30/08/2018 21:28


'Stackers' box for storing cufflinks, watches & coins

Le crueset wine bottle opener (expensive, but still going strong after 10 years of v regular use!)

Mens manicure set (bought it mainly for the scissors)

Shoe brush & polish set in a bag (not very exciting I know 😂)

Gin glasses
Whisky glasses

Leather passport holder/wallet

Books, chocolates, socks

Mrsmadevans · 30/08/2018 23:01

'Was it expensive does it work well? I have loads of old VHS I'd like to transfer.'
As long as you have a vhs player , you then download the software onto your computer, then play the video , your computer needs a disc drive though . If you go onto You tube here is the link to follow, It cost me £22 from Amazon HTH

LexieLulu · 30/08/2018 23:05

I bought a remote control helicopter for about £15 off amazon as a stocking filler. He spent Xmas day playing with it.

Apple TV box, it kind of makes your normal tv into a smart tv. Since we've got it my DH cancelled sky, we just watch freeview, Netflix and now tv via this box. He always says that the best thing I've bought him

Lolly567 · 31/08/2018 22:10

Such good ideas!!

@mrsmadevans the cinnamon whisky sounds good and quite Christmassy! do you think someone who likes jack daniels very occasionally might like it? He normally prefers rum!

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Lolly567 · 02/09/2018 19:21

Oo thanks @mrsmadevans that looks great!!! I like how it’s quite Christmassy with the cinnamon flavour! Perfect!!

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