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Peugeot Tepee/ Rear facing seats/ support leg/ underfloor rant

Wildcatfin · 17/06/2016 10:55

Well I have been researching this/ reading all the convos on here for months and am fed up.
I used to love my Tepee as a family car, but now the baby needs to move to a larger chair - I don't.

DS1 is 8 so missed the whole rear-facing thing. But of COURSE I want the 5x increased safety of extended rear facing, now I know about it (and it is probably going to become law). 0 child car-seat crash deaths in Sweden is too good a reason not to!

But we have those stupid underfloor storeage boxes (for crumb catching, apparently). So every seat except 2 (one rear-facing just until age 2, the other means we can't use the front passenger seat) are 'not on the approved list'.

After multiple calls to dealers, garages, Peugeot (who were the worst and had me ring 5 depts who then forwarded me back to a dealer), no they definitely do NOT sell / make approved 'fillers' for floor boxes which is what all the seat sellers want. Yes they get asked about it a lot all depts said, but it doesn't seem to matter to them.

The only 'Peugeot approved' car seat for my car is front facing from 9 months which I don't want and probably won't be legal soon anyway. (And why is there nothing 'approved' before it for babies & after that? Thats not legal either??)

I really want a twisty seat as have a bad wrist so already in difficulty lifting hefty 14 month old in & out of car...

Atm have filled storeage box with high density foam slabs, and the leg of the chair we have can miss the box anyway but its still not approved...

Sing minefield and I am really hacked off. Selling car is not an option sadly :/

I'm off to yet another specialist today. If anything twisty/ I like with a leg can 'miss' the box I'm tempted to buy 1 anyway....

Think we need to get some sort of petition going, all the forums are fuming re stupid boxes in 'family' cars making 99% of car seats 'not approved'.

Stomps off muttering about probably male car designer w

Sorry DS2 teething a lot as you can probably tell.

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