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2nd baby, erf seat, joie tilt?

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MoreSnowPlease · 21/04/2014 21:17

Ds2 arrives in july and we are looking at getting a birth-18kg (at least) erf seat.

Ds1 has a britax two way elite which tethers to the front passenger seat and we cant get the same for ds2 as front driver seat needs to be changed position for different drivers.

Does anyone have the joie tilt? Do you have to buy a specific base with it? Have seen them in argos for £80 odd but can't seem to find out what base it needs or whether it needs one at all and is belted?

OP posts:
Ihateparties · 21/04/2014 22:03

No base, it's belted. Also likely to be outgrown by height quite a while before 18kg. We have two, I like them a lot but in context of it being the only seat that would work for my 3 abreast in a small car situation. Given more free choice I would absolutely go for something with more head and legroom. For tight spaces and budgets it's really useful though, I'm hoping it will at least see dd2 until she's over 3.

MoreSnowPlease · 22/04/2014 09:11

Argh, that could be an issue as ds1 is 91st centile height and I expect ds2 will be tall too. That's great though that we wouldn't need a base so basically an erf seat for under £100. Except it doesn't sound like it would last long.

OP posts:
Ihateparties · 22/04/2014 18:44

Dd1 fitted in it rf a few months ago at 103cm tall but her 2yo sister is almost level with the top despite being only 90ish cm tall. Torso length of the individual child will obviously factor in, I can only assume dd2 has a longer torso proportionally. Ds was 98th centile, he would have outgrown it by height and weight by 2y10m. Would ds1 be old/heavy enough for you to consider moving him out of his twe to pass it on to ds2 when ds2 outgrew the tilt at 3ish? If not then the tilt would be too small for what you need imo. The big bonus points of the tilt for me are the price and the smaller size, which obviously brings with it more limited period of use, especially for higher centile children.

MoreSnowPlease · 23/04/2014 13:56

Actually thats a very good point I hadn't thought of the fact that ds1 would be outgrowing the twe! Yes he will be turning 2 when ds2 is born so if tge tilt can last ds1 until he's 3 at that point ds2 will be turning I imagine he'll be outgrowing the twe then. Tbh it might be sooner as he's rapidly reaching the top of the seat in terms of height.

Oh that's great, , thanks for pointing that out! it's going to work perfectly :)

OP posts:
Ihateparties · 23/04/2014 14:03

I'm not sure if he will have outgrown it, it's hard to tell, I was more thinking whether you would be happy to move him to a booster at that age or are looking to keep him rf to the limits of the twe.

MoreSnowPlease · 23/04/2014 19:32

I'm pretty sure he will have outgrown it in height before weight or age. I'd like to keep him rear facing as long as possible but looking at him, the top of his head is about an inch away from the top of the seat now at 22months. I jnow you can go till their eyes/ears are level with the top of the seat but that still only gives him about 2/3 inches of growth left! Don't think any other erf seats are higher so I guess he'll have to move to ff if I cant find another.

OP posts:
SqutterNutBaush · 11/05/2014 10:06

Look at the Joie stages, it's around £150 but has more space than the tilt and an adjustable head rest.

SqutterNutBaush · 11/05/2014 10:08

Oh and it turns into a HB booster up to 25kg so could be used for DC2 until DC1 grows out of his and then for him so good value really :o

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