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Medala Swing Maxi Electric double pump

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AlyssaJane2 · 23/11/2021 08:39

I'm trying to decide on a breast pump & have narrowed in on the Medala Swing Maxi Electric double pump.. but it is expensive, so would love to hear from anyone who has it/has used it?


OP posts:
GuidingSpirit · 23/11/2021 09:08

Is this your first baby / first time breastfeeding? If so, my advice would be to not buy a pump until baby has arrived. I struggled to establish bf for a variety of issues and had a rubbish supply. I had the medela swing single pump and the infant feeding team told me it was fine if your supply is good to start with, but not strong enough if you need to pump to boost your supply. I ended up hiring a hospital grade medela for £47 a month. If you dont need a hospital grade pump, you can buy one when baby arrives, but if you do, you at least haven't wasted any money on an expensive double pump.

Bluebleu · 23/11/2021 09:10

I had the single pump with my first, and then upgraded to the double swing pump for my subsequent children and it was a game changer, esp. with a pumping bra ( so my hands were free). I would def. recommend it.

AlyssaJane2 · 23/11/2021 14:00

thanks so much - so do a lot of people not buy a breast pump until after baby is born? so confusing!

OP posts:
Bluebleu · 23/11/2021 14:27

I bought before I had the baby, but then I’d decided when I was going back to work ( pretty soon after with my first) so I didn’t have a plan b! It’s defo a thing you get used to, and I’ve found it easier/ for better I’ve the years, I now donate to a milk bank with my youngest.

Bluebleu · 23/11/2021 14:28

*over the years

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