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Join EMMA DONOGHUE to talk about the Booker-shortlisted ROOM - our February Book of the Month - on Weds 16 February, 8-9pm

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TillyBookClub · 17/01/2011 11:49

Our February Book of the Month shot to international bestsellerdom as soon as it was published in August 2010. ROOM by Emma Donoghue has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and won the Hughes & Hughes Irish Novel of the Year. It has also been a finalist for International Author of the Year (Galaxy National Book Awards). 

We've also got a very special giveaway this month - the extremely generous Picador peeps are giving Mumsnetters 500 exclusive free copies of ROOM so quickly head to Picador's website to claim yours before they all get snatched up. There's also a taster chapter and interviews to whet your appetite.

We are delighted that Emma will be joining us on Wednesday February 16, 8-9 pm for the bookclub discussion - look forward to seeing you all there...

And you can read further interviews, watch trailers and get all the reviews for ROOM at Emma's website or you can also read the Booker Prize website's interview with Emma to find out more

OP posts:
Eleison · 17/01/2011 12:36

ooh. That's a more interesting freebie than the Radox offers.

simpson · 17/01/2011 14:16

done Grin

I really want to read this book....

cookingfat · 17/01/2011 14:22

me too Grin

hoops997 · 17/01/2011 14:28

Would love to read this book then review it!

hoops997 · 17/01/2011 14:28

Would love to read this book then review it!

Ohforfoxsake · 17/01/2011 14:30

I've just finished it. It's good. I shan't say anymore.

jeffner · 17/01/2011 17:14

Yes indeedy!

jeffner · 17/01/2011 17:14

Yes indeedy!

MrsWeasley · 17/01/2011 17:59

sounds like a good read!

arentfanny · 17/01/2011 18:02

Done, is very high up on my reading list, will try and get it from library aswell.

MINERVA12 · 17/01/2011 18:43

yes please

Chocaholica · 17/01/2011 18:51

I've just read this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to discussion and webchat!

scubagoose · 17/01/2011 19:50

ooH I was reading about this book in the Times this weekend and really want it.. hope I get one.

NettieISroundlikefiggypudding · 17/01/2011 19:55

cool could do with a good read indeed Grin

rubyslippers · 17/01/2011 19:59

Awesome and affecting book!

Looking forward to the webchat

Iamcountingto3 · 17/01/2011 19:59

Oh, good choice - have been looking forwards to riding this....

flippinggorgeous · 17/01/2011 20:14

If it is the first 500 will it just stop when they are all allocated?

muddyangels123 · 17/01/2011 20:41

Looks like a good book.

gailforce1 · 17/01/2011 21:15

Emma Donoghue is at one of our county libraries on 17th Feb. At the bottom of the publicity sheet it invites you to join a webchat with Emma on Mumsnet on Feb 16th. No chance of me getting a copy from the library then!!

FreudianSlipIntoMyLaptop · 17/01/2011 23:06

Been meaning to read this book... Hope I get one!

Are there often free books for MNers? Never browsed the book club before...

Imarriedafrog · 17/01/2011 23:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Buda · 18/01/2011 15:13

Ooh have been wanting to read this!

MotherMountainGoat · 18/01/2011 15:52

Excellent book, beautifully written.

comewhinewithme · 18/01/2011 15:57

I loved this book -had to stay up during the night during one bit with my heart pounding.
I couldn't sleep until I knew what had happened.

sephrenia · 18/01/2011 16:49

I've signed up too. I really hope I get a copy, I've been wanting to read it for ages!

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