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Holidaying with friends

Allwork · 13/04/2022 08:32

We ( myself DH and DD ) have a couple as friends who live in another area so we don't see them on a regular basis .
Since they moved away we have chatted more and got a little closer .
In convo yesterday they mentioned holidays asking if we have booked anything yet then said about coming on holiday abroad with us . They are nice people but the lady can talk for England and is very very opinionated . She will not listen to you and she's one of those people who has been there done everything and ihas always done it better .
My DH and DD are mortified and say their is no way they are going on holiday with them . Tbh I don't want to either but I know it will be me that has to tell them .
What's the best way to approach this ? I don't want to put off booking a holiday this year just because of them .
Advice please x

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