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Ewissa · 13/03/2022 17:41

Hello all.Did anyone has experience with Remo -child maintenance from abroad? How long it took?

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Morgana123 · 10/06/2022 11:11

Hello, I am on early stages of application with remo; so far so good.
-I applied on 19th April,
-received forms on 5th may 2022 I sent back same day
-received acknowledgement on 14th May,
-case reviewed by the legal team with feedback by 8 June 2022
-sent back the remainder docs today

therefore so far less than 2months, I’d say pretty prompt for a public service entity with one lawyer assigned to review applications for the entire London (that’s what I was told!)

Feedback from legal team:
Your application has been reviewed by our Legal Advisor. Please see comments below:

“In this matter as the respondent has now re-located to Spain, the applicant should not include a London address as his residential and postal address at part 4 of the Annexe C. She should instead include any information she has as to his whereabouts in Spain. If she doesn’t have any information other than that he is now living in Spain, she can simply write in Spain, but she will also need to complete a form CJ22 to apply for special measures to trace a residential and/or postal address for him.

On the Annexe E She will need to complete part 3 on the 1st page. She also needs to record any assets either at VD of the form or the restricted information form at the back. If she has no assets she should write “none” by VD.

Please return the forms to her with blank copies and also a blank CJ22. She will also need to send in the original birth certificates so that we can take certified copies”.

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