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DNA Results are in

LostFather2day · 24/02/2021 18:10



I have 3 daughters, 2 with my first girlfriend (Amy) and one with the girlfriend after (Kelly). 2 years ago i got both Amy and Kelly pregnant around the same month. Amy's child: 1st born Maddy, 2nd Born Becky, Kelly's child: Laura

I have been struggling to be there for all three kids, due to the mothers. but i am doing it. Since Becky and Laura were born, most of my family have been comparing them to one another, they've noticed the resemblance between me and them. One thing they all say is Becky looks nothing like me. At the moment i didn't want to believe or hear them, mainly because i just thought about getting my act together and figuring how to support all of them. Well as the year passed, and both kids started to grow, i realized that Becky and Maddy, didn't look like each other. I mean they both had the moms resemblance, but both did not have mine. Another thing was that from my side of the family, most of the kids received the sickle cell trait. When Becky was born she did not. When i told Beck's mom, Amy about it, she quickly responded with "Yeah she does, I had the doctor run a test, and she came out with sickle cells" I believed her. But again everyone kept saying Becky is not my daughter, she looks like the guy Amy was with for a while.... I still didn't want to do the DNA test though because i had already established a bond with her. Well, i finally did it, and today i received the result.... I am NOT the father.....
Im heart broken, but a little relief .

Now i want to tell Amy about this. and just talk to her. But, whenever i would mention that people were doubting that Becky was my daughter, or that i was going to do a DNA test, she would try to hurt herself. I'm scared that she might hurt herself when i tell her. But i have to tell her, she isn't a nice person to me. While i tried to make a relationship work out with Kelly, and actually feel happy, Amy would reach out too Becky and lie to her, saying that me and her are still fooling around, that i am her man... Which isnt true at all, but Kelly gets lurerd into her trap, and it causes an issue in our relationship.

So IDK, i just need some advice as to how to let her know what i found out. Part of me is thinking about having Amy's sister, or best friend be there, just in case.

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