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Help and advice needed- DIVORCE

Spagbolpls · 11/02/2021 17:30

This may not be the right place but definitely something anyone can relate

Have already posted on the legal forum with no response!!

I need some advice anything will be helpful and if there are anyone in this field of law I would appreciate it a lot.

My friend and her husband were married in Bangladesh in 2009
Spouse arrived in the uk in 2009;
Been separated since 2012;
Spouse obtained citizenship on the basis marriage was subsisting - 2-3 years ago;
Marriage not registered in the uk at all;
No children
No assets
No money
Separated because they didn’t get along.

What would my friend need if she contacts a solicitor. What documents proof? How much will it cost? What legal drafts or forms need filling up based on the above?

Please help me as she is in despair and all alone during lockdown and feel that she is getting depressed and really wants for this divorce to be over and done with.

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trackiesandasmokeyeye · 13/03/2021 12:42

If she contacts a solicitor for a free initial consultation (lots advertise this) or the CAB they should be able to help with answers.

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