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Journaling/bullet journal/self help

FancySomeChips · 17/01/2021 20:37

I didn’t know where to post this!!!

Right so... I’ve always wanted to keep a diary. But I have barely ever got past the first week.
I have this idea that having a diary would help me to work through some issues- like self help. Cheaper than counselling right?!
But in all seriousness, I prob would benefit with counselling to work through issues that I just can’t get passed. I can’t afford it and my GP is shockingly bad at mental health stuff abs anyway there’s prob loads of people who need it more so it’s prob best I let the NHS focus on those who really need their support especially in the current shit storm.

Anyway.... I had a bit of a brain wave this morning while clearing out a cupboard and finding a notebook that some one gave me year ago and I never used. And I decided to start a type of bullet journal thing.

And I’m hooked already. I’ve written 30 pages. I love it.

Does anyone else do this?
Any tips?
Any ideas for pages?
I’ve discovered the 365 question website and have made a start by answering 5 already.
I have pages for songs I need to make time to listen to more, a 4 point master plan and steps to achieve it, pages for gift ideas, summer holiday ideas pages as well as a daily planner for the summer holiday (work in a school), an intro page where I warble on about me and why I started the journal and a positive affirmation page.
Seriously I don’t know who I am. I am loving it.

Anyone done this before and reaped the rewards?
Any page ideas I can steal??

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FactsAndFigs · 14/03/2021 11:39

No tips but just wanted to say that putting pen to paper has helped me deal with lot of personal issues.

Kind of my own therapy that I found works for me, I very complex over thinker but when I freely writing I don't stop to think it just flows, I can write pages and pages in no time.

Occasionally I read one of my many note books months and years later and its like someone different - someone smarter has written it.

It will never been published online, I tried to give it ago few times copying what I have written but I start over analysis start overthinking, so my stuff will forever remain private old in old fashion pen and notebooks.

Have you tried wordpress for idea?

Good luck with the writing

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